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Published: 2020-02-10 11:01:18
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Answer the following questions:

1) What is the difference between a task dependency and a task constraint?
When it comes to the differences between a task dependency and task constraint, it depends on the time. A task dependency joins two tasks by saying that one task begins relative to a different task. A constraint just puts the correlation directly to a time rather than base it off the time another task is done.

2) Give a real-world situation when you might used the following task constraints:

a) Start No Earlier Than An example could be with government related projects. Many of these projects take years to complete and have to require a specific amount of the years budget to be used for the project. You could put a constraint on a project so that the government wont go over budget and just start tasks the next year.

b) Start No Later Than A projects resources can be requisitioned ahead of time, and then can be paid for and picked up later from the company who are selling the resources. These people might require the money by a certain date. This can assure that setting a start no later then constraint pays the resources before the hold on the materials is lifted.

c) Finish No Later Than This can happen if there is a set date for a project to finish it would be wise to set up milestone tasks with finish no later than constraints as to increase the importance of keeping on time. A Christmas party would be a good example, because you it has no room to finish late.

d) Finish No Earlier Than This can happen if a company wants to roll over a project to have it be part of a second years budget, and putting this constraint on it can do that.

e) Must Finish On This can happen if there is a set date for something like gathering materials that cannot be changed. This would be a good example of when to add this constraint to that task.

f) Must Start On This can happen when wanting to set up a project that involved a rigorous time constraints like when planning a wedding where it is important to make sure that the beginning stages must have enough time to make sure that everything wasnt taken taken.

g) As Late As Possible There can be a situation where an employee is paid hourly, but that person works better under pressure so it would be beneficial to start his tasks as late as possible. With this constraint, you can get the most work done for the least amount of money.

3) What is the importance of a baseline?

The project baseline is an original overview of the project in terms of schedule, cost, and scope. The main importance of the project baseline is that it can be used to see how much, throughout the project, we are deviating from the original schedule, cost, and scope.

4) What is an interim plan?

An interim plan is known as a set of current project data that a user saves after the project begins. A user can then compare the interim plan against the baseline to assess the progress of the project.

Turn in this sheet with your MS Project file to the Week 6 iLab Dropbox.

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