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1) Describe the technological, social, and political forces acting on the video game industry? The technological forces could be the creation of the game. With doing some research, the company can develop a more mature audience, which would fall under social. The political force stands at the revenue they are making when the gaming industry in general is losing money, not to mention that they are doing this even with all the negative reactions. Technological forces are a big factor for creating the next big game within the video game industry.

Todays technological tools include research and development, automation, technology incentives and the rate of technological change. Huge factor begins with basic research of what is out there already within the video game industry, with the emphasis to develop the next hottest game on the market. Once the research and development of the game is complete, we have the technology to use automation to create these games by simply letting computers and robots make these games in mass quantities. Social forces influence the products people buy, the prices paid for products, and how, when, and where people expect to purchase these products.

I think a huge social force right now within video games is the excitement to feel as if you are within the game and being physically involved with it. The Nintendo Wii has been a huge innovator for creating such games where the person is actually swinging, jumping, or dancing through such games. This has led to Sony Playstation creating such a similar concept of motion detection as Nintendo Wii created. The Social force is the popularity and the ability to physically control your remote and compete against an opponent which creates this social bond with each other and the game.

Political forces are those that regulate the products created by innovators within society. Perfect scenario is that Rockstar Games has to advertise their products as Mature rated games for adults and not for young children. This regulates the flow of these games getting in the wrong hands of children, which these games are not intended for. An example of a positive political force to such video games would be one that gets the gamer off the couch and gets them into an actual aerobic exercise which encourages the kids to get physical versus just sitting there for hours at a time on their butts doing no exercise.

2) How is Rockstar responding to its environmental conditions? Do you agree with Rockstars approach? Why or why not? Rockstar is responding in a very appropriate manner to the external factors in opposition to their game Vice City. They have been blamed for adolescent violence concerning homicide, grand theft auto, and various other crimes that appear in their games. Complying with pressure from New Yorks attorney general, they agreed to remove a racial slur in the game that caused an uproar in the Cuban and Haitian communities that also was the precedent for several law suits against them.

Personally I agree with how Rockstar is conducting their business, they are merely releases a product which is in conjunction with federal law in regards to its rating, and yet they are the target of controversy allegedly a result of that product. If people feel that this game is the cause for teens to act out violently, then the company producing it should be the last in line to blame. A more logical target would be the retailers allowing the game to be sold to minors.

Also, to blame this type of product for resulting in violent adolescent behavior is a witch hunt, its no worse than what on cable TV, drawing a relation drawn out by Rockstars Chief Operating Officer Terry Donovan, if The Sopranos was a video game, it would be Grand theft Auto. Even more readily available a source is the internet, yet our amendment rights are what differentiate the United States of American from China, infamous for the Great Firewall which bans a great amount of content from being accessed throughout its country.

I believe Rockstar could even justify a more rigid response to its intellectual property, in not letting itself become a victim of persecution, although undoubtedly that would be at their cost in the courts, hence their compliance. Their businesses responsiveness to the events being linked to them whether absurd or not has been more than sufficient. In conclusion, parents should be the first line of accountability, then the businesses selling the item, the rating and review board, and lastly then can a product be persecuted in such a manner ideally.

3) Do you think Rockstar Games chief operating officer, Terry Donovan, displays adequate concern for corporate social responsibility? Explain. According to the case on page 99, Rockstar currently dominates the adult segment of the market with the ten M-rated games it produces, so if I think that they have a concern for corporate social responsibility, Ill say no. Unlike GE CEO Jack Welch mentions, to be a good company today, you also have to be a good company.

Jack Welch is a standing proof of social responsibility by the way he committing over $20 million dollars to Ghanas public health service when he could not open up business within the country. On the other hand, Terry Donovan has not taken a step back to reconcile and/or listen to the people; he keeps walking forward by produce more games, each time more violent. Rockstar Games/Terry Donovan does not display concern for corporate social responsibility by the way that Donovan defends his company by saying, if the HBO TV series THE Sopranos was a video game, it would be Grand Theft Auto.

I myself have seen both and find it disturbing seeing my 13 year old cousin playing GTA with the only intention of killing anything that walked, rather than actually playing the game the correct way and going through each mission. Terry Donovan and Rockstar Games are corrupting the minds of our Tween generation who are playing these games for all the wrong reasons. Rockstar Games has shown a lack of corporate social responsibility for the fact of creating games that kids are attracted too, versus an adult show like The Sopranos that caters to a much older generation.

The following responsibilities are where Rockstar Games has gone astray: Philanthropic=not being a good corporate citizen; Ethical=not doing what is ethically right for the Tween generation. The following other 2 responsibilities where Rockstar Games is in conformity with is Legal and Economic. Legally they are within their rights to sell such a game and economically they are making huge profits from the niche market of mature games like Grand Theft Auto, which makes them so successful.

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