Rupert Sheldrakes Formative Causation Essay

Published: 2020-02-25 18:32:37
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Rupert Sheldrake theory on formative causation can be reduced to two basic characteristics that can alter our world view in both philosophical and scientific terms. First is its holistic character and the second is its celebration of interdependence. Both of these characteristics are the cure to the growing problems that we encounter in the world today. From here, I would like to state my utmost agreement to the ideas of Ruper Sheldrake.

The holistic approach in viewing the world and the people on it despite its antiquity still manage to provide us a viable framework in explaining the whole world. Ruper Sheldrake believes that we can never settle any basic unit of life on its own and separated from another. Our earth is not an independent ball of rock in the space but rather a part of the solar system. In turn, the solar system is not an independent group of planetary bodies in the space but rather a part of the galaxy.

Milky Way is a a part of a group of galaxies and ultimately a part of the universe. Even universe, as some will argue is one of the many universes. This holistic approach on life had managed to bring harmony to the world. Viewing ourselves as a part of a larger framework or greater design, we manage to find an important harmonic relationship to everything that is around us. We are neither greater nor more important to anything or anyone. Rather, we are all the same and equal.

The current mainstream view on individuality and self centrism had posed numerous problems to the world. Viewing each entity in the world as separated to one another had produced too much violence, strife and hatred. When we use the holistic approach as Ruper Sheldrake will argue, we will see the world and everything that resides on it as a part of our identity, completely taking care of it and never abusing it. Sheldrakes holistic approach also implies the interdependence of every creature and things in the universe.

His theory on morphic resonance clearly argue in this manner. For Sheldrake and for other proponents of holistic view and interdependence, each organism contributes to the well being of another. All of them contributes to a universal and general pool of knowledge that is accessible to all and can be utilized by all. No creature is working on its own and for its own. Surely, Sheldrake had provided us a new way of looking science and philosophy. This uniqueness had managed to bring numerous skeptics in his theories as we saw in the video clip.

It is understandable that people will argue against him, the theory of Sheldrake has the capability to shake two or three centuries of individuality and separateness. People were become used to individuality and seeing the world in pieces rather than living as a group and seeing the world in a larger telescope. However, we must also take note that earlier geniuses also experienced the same fate. Time can only prove us that Sheldrake has a place in the discourse of both science and philosophy. References PBS (1993) A Glorious Accident: Interview with Rupert Sheldrake. Web. Accessed 6 June

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