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Published: 2020-02-15 21:20:19
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Safety is the most important factor in doing any type of physical activity and I have made sure that I have prepared myself and my surroundings so that they are as safe as the possibly could be. I have taken every aspect of safety into account all of the safety flaws that could be around me. For example I need to make sure that I am wearing all of the correct clothing and footwear, all my jewellery is off and that my hair is tied back. Once I have made sure of all of these things I could begin to make sure that my surrounding environment is safe. To do this I needed to make sure the weather conditions were ok. As we were doing it inside in a sports hall the weather didnt need to be taken into account. Then I checked that all the equipment I would be using was safe and then I could continue will my training.

Another aspect of safety I needed to take into account was my warm up and my warm down. These are very important because with it being aerobic exercise it helps in the process of preparing the body both mentally and physically before major exercise to reduce the risk of injury. Firstly we need to warm up and increase our heart rate. This prepares the body for physical activity and makes sure that your body can cope it does this by raising your heart rate and your body temperature by 1-2 degrees and may consequent in a light sweat. It also warms up all your muscles to help prevent injury. There are a few ways in which we can do this for example we could go for a light jog or a brisk walk. All this contributes to pre venting serious injury whilst the physical activity is taking place.

Then you need to stretch out all your major muscles to prepare them for physical activity and prevent serious injury.1) The hamstring stretch is important because if we didnt do this then when we got into doing exercise and we pulled or snapped out hamstring we would be in a lot of pain and it would stop us from doing any sporting activity for a long time. This picture shows us how we stretch the hamstring from a sitting position. It is important to hold this stretch for 15-20 seconds in order to make it effective. If you have previously damaged this muscle you may want to repeat this stretch 2 or 3 times to make sure that it is well and truly stretched.

2) The calf stretch is also important because if we dont warm it up and then stretch it will become tense and this may cause damage or discomfort during sporting activity. If this muscle snapped or pulled you would be in a lot of discomfort for many weeks and then you would need to rebuild up the strength that it would have lost. This picture shows two ways in which you can stretch the calf. Both of these pictures show the transfer of weight onto the bent leg in order to feel the stretch on the calf muscle. This will make sure that the muscle is stretched and prepared for physical activity and prevent most injuries. To make this stretch effective you need to hold it for 15-20 seconds and if any previous injury has been specifically to the calf muscle you may want to repeat these steps more than once.

3) The quadriceps also needs to be stretched to make sure that the muscle is supple for game play. If this muscle gets injured it would take a long time to heal and would make any position uncomfortable so it is very important to stretch this muscle and all the others very well in order to keep in good health. This picture shows the stretch from the lying down position. You need to tuck a leg in towards the body and hold for 10-15 seconds to find it effective and repeat if necessary.

4) The next muscle that is important to make sure you stretch is the triceps. This is important because it is a major muscle in your arm and you dont want to damage it before you even start playing. You need to stretch this muscle to prevent in jury during physical injury. This shows the muscle being stretched from behind the body and keeping the elbow parallel to the floor and you pull the arm across and down with the other free hand. You need to hold this for 10-15 second and repeat if necessary. This will help with the prevention of injury whilst taking part in physical activity.

5) The shoulder stretch will benefit the suppleness of the arms during both training and game play. This will help to improve the movement in your arms and will help prevent injury whilst taking part in physical activity. The am needs to be pulled across the body and you need to be able to feel the stretch across your back. You need to keep the elbow parallel to the floor and pull until a stretching sensation crosses your back. You need to hold this stretch for 10-15 seconds and repeat if necessary.

After the physical activity has taken place you need to cool down by stretching all these muscles again and make sure you are feeling lose. By doing this you will make sure that the next morning when you wake up you wont be sore or stiff due to the build up of muscle lactic acid. It also helps in the recovery of the muscles and heart rate and other tissue through the removal of waste products.

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