Seiu-Caw Dispute Essay

Published: 2019-12-26 18:22:22
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I do not believe it had such a big effect on democracy as even when the vote was held 10,000 workers voted 92% in favor of joining the CAW which shows that democracy was still implemented by them holding a vote and 92% wanting to join the CAW. 3. Some of the damages the Canadian labour union might suffer due to disputes such as this are international alliances between unions could be hurt if the international unions are not able to trust their locals for support and their backing in all situations.

Also with more Canadian unions starting to move toward national unions instead of international unions disputes such as this might slow the switch down once they see the challenges and possible repercussions they face from breaking away from the international unions. Disputes like this can also have an effect on gaining new members into unions and many individuals may see these disputes as unwanted and something can occur if they join a union which might persuade them to not consider joining. 5.

National autonomy from International parent unions has to deal with local unions gaining independence to make their own decisions, apart from the decisions being made by a parent union outside the country which usually does not understand the demands and wants of the local union members and uses strategies and polices that are effective in their country which might not be effective in Canada. A local union can gain autonomy from their International parent by instituting and governing some of their own policies that are more representative of the local members that they represent.

A local union can also join a district labour council which functions to advance the interests of the labour movement at the local and municipal level whereas the international parent union probably does not understand the issue at the local level. If the local union implements these strategies they can enjoy some autonomy from their international parent union while still enjoying some of the benefits of the parent union such as the specialists they usually have in different areas such as bargaining and grievances and in training programs available to their members.

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