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Published: 2020-02-17 08:32:46
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Sensitive items are very important when it comes to any solider which is why it is imprtant to always keep track of them and know where they are at all times. You should never leave your sensitive items alone, or if you have to, have someone in your platoon or team guard them. Always get your stuff back when you are done so you can have accountability. Your sensitive items include alot of things including your weapon, night vision goggles, spare barrels, and anything you will need to correctly perform your job right. Spare barrels are very important to me because I am a SAW gunner and depending on what rate of fire I am shooting at, I would need to change out my barrels from either 10 minutes to every minute. You should always keep your spare barrel on you because you never know how much you are going to shoot. Another sensitive items is your NODS. The Army is known for attacking at night and having night vision goggles is an essential tool that we all use to have an advantage over the enemy at night. Most countries do not have the equipment or money to buy this nice of equipment like us so we have a huge advantage over them in wars and fights. Having this is very important when it comes to doing missions in the night because simply, we can see at night.

While most people have a sight range of about 5 meters away at night and cant see very far, we can focus our NODS pretty far away and see just as far as we can during the day. Your weapon is another huge and quite obvious sensitive item. obviously as infantryman, our weapon is our lifeline and our key sensitive item that we need as a soldier to perform just about any mission that includes engaging the enemy. Without our weapon, we are nothing and have no way to fight but with combatives. Every soldier has their own weapon from an M4 to a SAW to a 240 or a 203 grenadier and all play different roles in the team and company. The Team Leader provides tactical leadership for the team at all times with a do as I do attitude. A team leader is equipped with an M4 carbine, and holds the rank of a Sergeant, although occasionally a team is led by a Specialist or Private First Class. A Squad Leader or Assistant Squad Leader may replace the team leader at the squad or section level. The Rifleman Is the baseline standard for all Infantrymen. They are equipped with the M16 rifle or M4 carbine.

The rifleman is usually assigned with the grenadier to help balance the firepower capabilities of the automatic rifleman. The Grenadier Rifleman Provides limited high-angle fire over Dead zones. A grenadier is equipped with an M4/M16 with the M203 grenade launcher (or newer M320 grenade launcher) mounted to the weapon. Automatic Rifleman provides suppressive fire, and is the most casualty producing person in a fireteam. An automatic rifleman is equipped with an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon. The automatic rifleman is usually assigned with the team leader to maximize directed fields of fiire and to help balance the firepower capabilities of the grenadier. It is very important to secure all your sensitive equipment and items, and maintain accountability. The reason simply is to keep very important high cost valued items and equipment accounted for so people all around you do not have to deal with the consequences of the lost item or equipment. Also every sensitve item or equipment is high dollar valued so if you lose it you will be hurting money wise by losing a grand or more easily right on the spot.

And after that you can possibly do jail time from six months to a year and sure their will be rank taken away or something along those lines. You might even get an article fifteen after all that or maybe when you have to pay for the lost sensitive equipment or item so these should be a main priority to maintain and know where they are at all times and are accounted for either battle buddy or maybe CQ desk or the CP if their not personally on you.To lose a sensitive item can be detrimental to the readiness of your unit in times of war or training. The consequences of losing sensitive items varies from item to item according to its value and importance. In times of war losing a sensitive item such as a loaded radio or an SKL you have just given your enemy the ability to intercept all secure radio transmissions between any two operators in your area if the enemy knows your location or plans then you have just put all the troops in your area on your frequency, in danger of a surprise attack.

Could you live with the knowledge that you are responsible for the death of your team, squad, platoon, unit, or your own battle buddy or best friend? To lose a sensitive item can also be a violation of the army values. It violates the values of Duty and Integrity. It violates duty because without the proper equipment you cannot perform your duties. You also let down your platoon and/ or squad by not knowing where your items are. It violates the integrity of yourself by letting your platoon down. Your platoon counts on you to make sure you know where all your items are. Sensitive items are important because if the enemy get a hold of them it makes for a very bad day. The enemy would like nothing more than to get a hold of or weapon systems and our radios. The enemy wants to know everything about how the military works and about our operations. In times of war the more sensitive an item is the more the enemy craves the item.

You should never leave equipment lying around. If you see that your battle buddy has left any equipment lying around no matter what it is from patrol cap to an SKL Secure it and make sure you let them know off line the mistake they have made. It does not matter what rank they are. If you lose a sensitive item you may have to pay for it by losing money and/ or rank. Like today, I lost track of my NODS and the day before I lost accountability of my spare barrel and it did not end well for me as I got alot of corrective training and the possibility of possible paperwork for an Article 15. No matter how tired or how sick or whatever, your sensitive items need to be the first thing on your mind because they are what it going to keep you alive. Some people think that these items are just things that are just ordinary old items, they are not. These items are usually really expensive and essential to every part of your job. Sensitive items are anything that is considered classified or a mission essential item.

These items can include protective gear, maps, or a piece of paper designating patrol routes. The importance of securing sensitive items comes down to maintaining accountability for operation security, mission success and a soldiers over all readiness. The habits of exercising security and accountability of a soldiers items allow the soldier and their team to operate to the highest standards or have items be accessed by an opposing adversary creating loss of overall mission success. The definition of a sensitive item is a piece of equipment or an item that is potentially harmful or hazardous or is of high monetary value and easily converted to unauthorized use or disposal. In the military it is extremely important to keep up meaning take charge of and know the location of the item at all times.

Never should a sensitive item be left unsecured or unsupervised, or placed in the hands or someone not authorized to care for such sensitive items. A Sensitive item is an item such as a weapon and any attachments such as PEQ-15 and ACOG.There is a large amount of responsibility in the hands of me and my fellow soldiers. The responsibility is that of the security of our tools and equipment. There are a multitude of reasons as to why this is such an important duty. Such as accountability, ownership, security of sensitive items, etc.

As we follow along with this essay Im going to lay out exactly why this is such an important topic.The amount of tools we have is overwhelming. We have tools for everything from soldering to wire stripping, from depinning tools to pitot static tubes. All of these tool have a high monetary value to them. In other words the dollar value for these tools and pieces of equipment can be massive. Some of our tools can also be bought at any hardware store on the street. But neither of these should not affect how we handle and take care of our tools and equipment. Just because a tool doesnt cost as much as a test set doesnt mean securing and storing it properly isnt a high priority.

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