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Published: 2019-12-11 09:50:57
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Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (Pause) and 10C Im here to talk about Reduce Reuse and Recycle¦only joking I dont plan on putting anyone to sleep, I am here to talk about whether or not Mobile Phones should be allowed in school.

Now I know where Mr Brannigan is coming from by not allowing phones on in class, because yes, they are a distraction, but what is wrong with having them on outside of class? I mean we are not being distracted from any work, yes it may physically slow some folk down but it wont make much of a difference because half the boys already walk around as if they are in a MUSEUM! So there are practical reasons mobiles are banned but how serious are these reasons?

The first reason why mobiles should be allowed in school is, lets say for instance Mrs Duncan suddenly collapses on the floor (GASP) we dont know what to do we cant get the nurse she is to far away and the steps to her room are murder. We cant go to the office as it only open at break time and we certainly cant go to finance as they always try to kick up a fuss about money and will probably ask about an insurance claim but as we see poor Mrs Duncan drifting away Connor Mc Donagh stands up and says I have my mobile HURRAH, we quickly ring for the ambulance and Mrs D is saved (CLAP FOR CONNOR). This is just one scenario in which a mobile phone could be needed; it can be used in emergencies like this.

I researched this topic and one of the reasons suggested against the use of mobile phones is they can be used to cheat on tests. But I mean really? Mr Mc Gowans eyesight couldnt be that bad (ROLL EYES), with the amount of teachers swarming the sports hall on test days it would be easy to see people whipping out there phone. I am not saying that mobile phones should be allowed all the time just at certain times of the day.

It isnt the dark ages anymore. Why is this great invention being banned? It probably took somebody ages to build this magical device and now certain authorities aka Mr. Brannigan are banning them. They are a great convenience to us and our parents as they can keep In touch with us and check up on where we are or what time we need picked up at Did you know that 48 percent of parents use the mobile phone to monitor their childs location, some call it overprotective I call it resourceful.

I remember last year (BREATHE HEAVILY) I forgot about my dentist appointment in Omagh and I was supposed to meet my mum and I didnt get the message that my mum sent earlier to remind me about it because my phone was off then when I turned my phone on, half way to Castlederg I suddenly realised WOOPS! This problem could have been easily averted if we had been allowed to use our mobile phones in school and I could have checked my phone in school and seen the reminder.

Not only are mobile phones a great convenience but there is so many apps available to download to help with our school subjects like The Chemical Touch, Maths Formulas and Shakespeare. Also thew school could make it possible for us to actually download our subject textbooks: it could be a great money saver for the school. We can also access the internet through our phones and if the school created a FREE WIFI zone, people could study for exams or prepare homework so this can be another positive way in which mobile phones can be used.

At the end of the day, the school needs to get up to speed with the latest technology and if this super school is built in the army base camp, people will want to go to a more modern facility therefore this school needs to find ways to get more students and this could be a great way to do this. School cant be all work no play. Students have to be able to relax at break and lunchtime and for those who dont like sport, running around and dont particularly want to go to library club, having your mobile phones on in school would allow these people to text their friend who maybe got to school, they could listen to music and play games on their phones and feel at ease in school doing what they enjoy.

I hope you have taken in what I have said, but I think speak on behalf of everyone by saying, yes mobile phones should be allowed in school. Thank you for listening to my speech and remember this if you dont embrace technology you are going to get left behind, thank you for listening and enjoy the rest of the speeches.

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