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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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What are the roles of Holmes and Watson within Silver Blaze and what is there relationship with each other? In this assignment I am going to look at the relationship between to characters that are both very hard to judge this is due to their roles and use in the storys created by Conan Doyle. Holmes and Watson are two characters, created by Conan Doyle. They live a very interesting and adventurous life. They have a great interest in crimes, which have been committed and enjoy solving them and understanding the criminals intentions. Watson is a retired medical who worked for the army and has a lot of knowledge.

After reading Silver Blaze I have noted that Holmes always seems to be the master mind in solving the crimes, and that Watson is telling the story as though he is dictating it in his diary. It seems to give the reader the impression that Holmes gives the orders to Watson, but not in a harsh way, he gives the reader the impression as though he is the leader. Also when they arrive at the town of Tavistock they are greeted with great care, there is a carriage waiting to escort them to their hotel. The relationship between Holmes and Watson in Silver Blaze is clear.

The first thing we can learn straight away is that both Holmes and Watson are both livening together and both also are always travelling together, this shows us that there relationship is strong, and we also can note that they never argue therefore there friendship is very strong. Also we know that not only do both Holmes and Watson live together but also work together. This makes it hard but yet also very easy to evaluate their relationship. This is because I could evaluate the relationship between Holmes and Watson if I was to read all the Conan Doyle books, which he wrote.

I could judge the relationship easier, but the problem which I do face is that Holmes and Watson spend so much time together, there relationship is very strong and is lot more than I can talk about it through Silver Blaze. This is because from what I have read I see there relationship as two working partners, when I say partners I mean business partners. Also to show that the relationship of Watson and Holmes is very strong, in line 505 it shows Watson defending Holmes whos intentions are to drop this case; I was about to make some reply in defence of my friend, when he entered the room again.

Watson gives the picture as though he is Holmes sidekick. This is the image given by the writer to the reader, but if you continue reading the story and understand the characters you can learn that both men would not be as successful as they are, if they werent together. This is because the two men both have great knowledge and expertise in different sectors and fields and always needs the others opinion. A good example of this is when they discover the knife that was used in the incident in Silver Blaze; Holmes turns to Watson for his medical expertise.

This shows us that both men require each others knowledge. For example, Line 122, Watson ask, One moment! asked Watson. Did the stable boy, when he ran out with the dog, leave the door unlocked behind him? This allows us to see that Holmes requires Watsons help. We can tell this because of Holmes response is; Excellent, Watson! murmured my companion. The importance of the point struck me so forcibly that I sent a special wire to Dartmoor yesterday to clear the matter. This response tells us that Holmes requires Watsons knowledge.

It also in a way steals Watsons clever work, ideas and his theory about the crime. This also tells us that Watson is not just a friend who helps Holmes by being with him, but Watson is an important part to Holmes cases, because of his knowledge. The writer Doyle gives us the impression that Watson is telling the story that makes the reader think that Watson does not play a major part in the case. A good example of this is: Excellent, Watson! murmured my companion. Murmured my companion, those three words tell us that Watson is telling the story.

Also it also states Holmes and Watsons relationship, which is that the two are very close companions. Also I have noticed at the end of the short story Watson evaluates the story and the case after Holmes has explained the mystery and the puzzle of the case. Also a lot of the crime solving and puzzles are explained by Homes, the reason why I think this is because Watson is seen to be Holmes pupil. The reason why I think this is because all the explanation is done by Holmes and all the introduction to the cases are done by Homes.

As example of this is shown on the first page to the story, Holmes explains to Watson about him leaving, and then Watson offers to come along, and once this is said by Watson, Holmes is very glad and happy that Watson has offered to come along. So overall I feel that his relationship between Holmes and Watson is very strong and powerful, this is because they have friendship, partnership and a lot of trust in each other. There partnership is also very successful because they both see each other as very useful, and are always happy to listen to each others views without arguing or disagreeing.

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