Slavery and Mason Dixon Line Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Women and african american slaves played a huge role during the American Revolution, womens roles became more valued for their aid in the revolution and were under the idea of Republican motherhood or mothers for the new nation, while african american slaves were used for harsh manual labor and received little in return. Women began to have ideas of the revolution stimulate hopes and expectations for equality and freedom. In some cases they even gained voting rights, however overall the revolution only lead to a limited gain of status. The same could be said of the slaves. Although the slave trade itself was banned and in the northern states, slavery was abolished, it did not completely remove slavery and make them considered as a real person. Nonetheless, the ideals of the revolution inspired women and slaves for equality, freedom and independence that would contribute in the future. The American Revolution significantly affected aspects of slaves and the status of women. It provided slaves with an opportunity to escape their bondage through joining the army, while it gave women an opportunity to proclaim a more public role in society.

The American Revolution had an impact on both slavery and the status of women from 1775-1800. It gave the African American slaves opportunities to Escape the bondage and join the army. It significantly affected the legal position of white women. Revolutions within the Revolution took place causing vivid changes in the aspects of women and slavery. It gave a new light to the women who had been looked down on and hope for slaveries who helped fight the cause. African American Slaves who had only the slightest chance to obtaining their own freedom had a new hope that the army would direct them to that path. Nevertheless there were no intentions of giving new privileges to these slaves in the army. They were to be nothing more than extra support against the British with little value. African-American slaves still had the same treatment as those who were in bondage. However, the slaves believed that since they were fighting for the white people they would be given more freedom. With a few exceptions this did not happen.

African-American soldiers did enjoy the few things white people took for granted but other than that they only continued to serve as a slave. Some slaves managed to escape the during the confusion and chaos of the war and act as a freed slave without being caught and some went out to help others. Slavery continued after the war despite the efforts of African-American soldiers. Although slavery didnt undergo any major changes the aftermath of the war inspired many criticisms on slavery. A group called the Quakers formed to help free a small percentage of slaves. Much like slavery, white women were affected by the revolution. They were beginning to proclaim a public role in society. They were given a wide range of roles to further their independence in the war. Women were able to help support the cause which they played an important role in. This affected the relations between man and woman to a more bonded level. A woman was not only a wife and a mother but a mutual companion. Both Slavery and the status of women were in the first stages of gaining independence and liberty.

Before the American Revolution African Americans had NO chance of freedom. They were being shipped as slaves along the triangle trade route , but after the revolution the question was discussed of abolishing slavery in the constitutional convention and the writing of the declaration of independence. Do to the fact that it was such a touchy issue for the south, due to the large economic impact of abolishing slavery, the question was thrown out and a treaty was signed that wouldnt let ANY laws on slavery be passed or even discussed for at lease 20 years. Moreover, many of the American Revolutionary Generals were slave owners in the first place and were reluctant to give up their own personal wealth.

The effect of the American Revolutionary War on African Americans depended on where they lived. If they were slaves in the New England States, they were freed soon after the war ended. If they were slaves north of the Mason Dixon Line, they were freed about 30 years after the adoption of the constitution. If they were south of the Mason Dixon Line, some were freed but most were not.Slavery was also outlawed on mainland Britain- no man could land on British soil without being free. The British had promised many African-Americans their freedom from the colonists if they fought for the British, and around 20,000 of them did. When the British lost, they attempted to honor their agreement as much as possible by helping African-Americans travel to England and London with the retreating redcoats. Some were even put ashore in Africa at their own request. Therefore many African-Americans clearly felt that their chances of freedom were better with the Brits.

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