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Published: 2020-02-18 07:12:06
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1) Discuss how social attitudes are formed and how people communicate their values. Relate this to your own life/work experience. Social attitudes are formed every day. Every experience that a person has affects the development of that individuals social attitudes. Every person that one meets will have an effect, no matter how small or big, on how his social attitude is shaped. Experience is the key element in forming social attitudes. What this means is that life experiences help define the perspective that a person take on when viewing issues.

For instance, when a person experiences the loss of a loved one, he would realize the preciousness of human life. Often times, he would see the value of life and the need to cherish every moment. When a person enters a rehabilitation facility because of substance abuse, his perspective on life and on society will be completely altered. Furthermore, interaction with people is also a key element on how social attitudes are formed. Interaction and communication with other people is the primary means by which an individual communicates his personal values and beliefs.

Discussing various issues with other people provides the individual an opportunity to express his own values and beliefs. In my life, I have met some people who have made an impact on how I view the world. One of my good friends once entered a rehabilitation facility because of drug abuse. I saw how he was weighed down by his problem and how made a complete turn-around after rehabilitation. From his experiences and from his sharing, I realized that every person deserves a second chance.

2) How does the growing diversity in society impact human services organizations in terms of how services are provided? Diversity in society is ever spreading. With the growth of cultural diversity comes the infusion of a variety of social attitudes and beliefs. When new social attitudes and beliefs come in, organizations undergo a transformation. Human services organizations in particular are affected by diversity. This is because services rendered to each individual must be appropriate to such persons needs and thus is dependent on that persons culture and social attitudes.

People of different cultural backgrounds may approach an issue in different ways. In order for human services organizations to provide people with the services or support they need, they must take into consideration the values and beliefs of the individual. In essence, this is the primary way by which diversity affects the manner by which human services organizations render service. 3) Share your own experiences and histories regarding cultural diversity and its impact in the work environment. I once met an Indian man who worked for an IT company.

We were acquainted through a common friend. In one of our talks, we ended up talking about working mothers. I shared with him the fact that my mother worked even when I was in my younger years. When I asked him what his wife was doing, he told me that right after they got married, his wife quit her job. When I asked why, he told me that it was his belief that women are to manage the house while the husband provides the family income. Although I wanted to ask him why, I realized that each culture is different and that what is normal with me may not be with him.

4) Summarize what was learned from readings. There are two key points that I learned from the two readings. One is that experiential learning is a must for any student. No matter how much theoretical knowledge a person has, he will not be able to function successfully in human services if he does not have the opportunity to apply these theories to the real world. With the other reading, I learned that an individuals cultural background influences his work ethic. A persons personal beliefs help define how he sees work and how he treats his job.

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