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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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He was a basic middle class male who was raised to respect women and never hit them. His name was John, an author of 2 best selling books and had started his own publishing house in short he got it all to be a best husband and father. He is my friend. His story begun when his wife wanted to have a sperm donor in order to get pregnant, even though their doctors agreed that both of them are physically fine and theres no reason for his wife not to get pregnant and it was just 4 months since they are trying but it seems that his wife was on rush for everything.

On a Saturday evening of 1994, his wife Maria slapped him so hard when disagree with her idea of having a sperm donor, he had confronted her not to do that again but instead she just verbally abused him by saying harsh things such as Coward dog! These things hurt him physically and emotionally. It hasnt end there his wifes friend left a note that his wife would just use him to have a baby and later on dumped him for divorce. Worst comes to worst when his wife was also hurt his mother physically which had resulted to a bone fracture in knees and hands.

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All of these incidents were reported to 911 but ironically who would believe in our society that a man could be called a battered husband? The police even threatened him that he will be arrested for trespassing (imagine in his own house, which he bought by his own money), if he will go back inside the house. Instead of arguing with the police and wait for the medical assistance for his mom, he just drove away and went to the nearest hospital and let the doctor examined his mother.

As of today, John got his divorce and never saw his wife again, but the sad part of this is he got no justice at all. Imagine if the situation was reversed: the husband slapped his healthy wife for not having a child after 4 months of trying, shrugged off a written letter found by his wife where the husband agreed with his buddy about dumping his wife after tricking her to get pregnant, beat his wifes mother badly enough to required x-rays. Do you really believe the police and the courts would have treated that case in the same way?

Nowadays we have so many crisis centers for abused and molested women and children. This centers helped them to get out and win the battle that they are facing but how about our counterparts? I mean those MEN in our communities, especially my friend, yes they can be also victims of violence, and they also need the same kind of attention and protection. Our society and government should take these laws in general and not by gender as what was John had experienced, people should not be biased about this matter just because the victim is a man.

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