Stress Related Factors in Different Types of Schooling Essay

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The purpose of this research is to determine the advantages and disadvantages of students who attend on ground schools or online schools and to understand the cause and effect with different levels of stress in students who attend both types of schooling. Common stress in students who attend both types of schooling are feeling intense pressure to achieve high grades, trying to establish a romantic/social life, and dealing with the costs of college. Stress in college students can cause negative effects toward grades, health and relationships if it is not managed properly. The advantages and disadvantages of attending either school type depend on a students self-perception, personality, learning skills, weaknesses and strengths. A common advantage when attending an online school is that you are able to wear whatever you want, and set your own schedule. A common disadvantage when attending on ground school is rearranging your schedule to fit in and arrive to classes on time.

Stress Related Factors in Different Types of Schooling

Stress is the bodys way of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation with focus, strength, stamina, and heightened alertness. Every individual will stress at some point in their lives. When dealing with education, there are several causes for a student to become stressed. No matter how you choose to obtain your education, stress is inevitable. There are two main ways to receive an education. A student can choose to attend school online, which consists of relying on technology to do research and complete assignments. Another alternative for a student to attend school is the most common among young students. A student can attend school on ground, which is also known as on campus, consists of having interactions with their instructors and peers. However, for each schooling type, the reasons for stress may differ: a students ability to handle or manage stress is based on their personality, strengths, and weaknesses. With stress also come advantages and disadvantages when attending both types of school. The stress involved in each type is determined more or less stressful based on how a student interprets and deals with the situation.

On ground schooling allows for students to experience several situations and factors that could cause stress. This type of schooling involves face to face interaction with teachers and peers. The most common stressor for a student when faced with social interaction deals with social issues. Worry of making friends, fitting in, being judged, and or their appearance can cause a student to have stress which could result in low grades, participation, and attendance. Students that usually have issues with social interactions, usually benefit more when attending online classes. Going to school online has limited to no face to face interaction and allows anonymity. If a student is shy or unable to share an opinion because of time restraints in a traditional classroom, online courses make it possible for all students to participate in discussions. (College Atlas 2004-2011)

A student that decides to attend online schooling may have less stress because the lack of social interaction, but could experience drawbacks with not having it as well. An online student receives little or no traditional participation and no interaction with the teacher or their peers. Students who learn by hands on or face to face interaction lose all of this when they take classes online since you cant physical meet with you teacher or peers. (UK essays 2003) When a student has a question or needs an explanation, they do not have the benefit of simply raising a hand and instantly receiving an answer. Instead, an online student must either e-mail, post on a discussion board or if possible call the instructor. Students could determine whether working at their own pace or working by a set schedule is more beneficial to their learning skills.

Depending on the student and their learning abilities, determines which type of schooling would better aid them. Online schooling is more seen to have a self-paced curriculum. An advantage to having a self-paced curriculum is flexibility which allows a student to set their own study time. This could mean after work, at night, before the kids get up, or during your lunch break. Even if you need to log in to the campus Web site at 3 a.m., youll still be able to complete your work. (Amy Brantley 2003-2012) When students follows a set schedule, many of them may find the structure and regularity found at an on ground school beneficial, as opposed to a self-paced type of curriculum that makes up an online school program. (Degree 2003-2012) Though, some students excel better with having set their own schedule this type of schooling allows for procrastination to be more common. When a student follows a set schedule, they are required to attend classes and turn in assignments on the dates and times given by their instructor.

Depending on an individuals preferred type of learning skill will determine which type of schedule is easier or more beneficial for them. When attending an on ground school, a student might be required to work in a group, participate in a class project, or contribute to a knowledge-building enterprise, uses dialogue, hands-on learning, or context. (Marcy Driscoll, 2011) Online schooling does not require a student to learn in these ways, seeing as they are only possible when being physically present. Instead, online students may be required to participate in discussions, complete lab work, or research information on the web. On ground schooling uses more learning activities that involve student and teacher interaction, whereas online schooling uses more independent activities. Choosing to attend school online requires having proper up to date technology and know-how of using this technology. (Education Portal 2003)

Many schools offer tech help regarding their online classes and most do have basic help desk support available to distance learners having trouble with an online course or hardware. Failure to meet these requirements could cause stress for the student because their grade/s are given based on completion of the assignment/s. For example, not having internet access will affect your ability to turn in an assignment, which could result in a failing grade. When attending on ground schools, technology is not usually required in order to complete assignments. If and when it is, the technology is made available for use for the students. The advantage to having this technology offered to an on ground student is that there are people there who will help a student better understand how to use the technology if needed.

There are different amounts of stress between on ground and online schooling that are primarily based on different forms of teaching and the different causes of stress in each type of schooling. These reasons differ from how a student is taught, how they study, how assignments are completed turned in and instances and occurrences they may encounter when at school on ground or at school online. A way of doing something is considered stressful to one person, but may be considered less stressful to another. Organizing time, maintaining healthy habits, setting realistic goals, developing good coping mechanisms and seeking help if needed can help a student deal and manage stress when attending either online or on ground schools.


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