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Published: 2019-10-10 12:20:10
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A students life is often plagued by examination. The demand to do well is further increased as good grades woud lead one to secure entry to a good grades would lead one to secure entry to a good university and consequently to a good job and future. Hence,there is no surprise and mentel health problems among school-going children. The Befriends Malaysia,a voluntary organization located in the klang valley,pointed out that they receive approximately 60 calls per day and from these 10 per cent are from student under the age of 20.

The examination pressure experienced among students has also seen the rise in suicides and deaths among school students. In 2007,a young 12-year0old s. subashini ,hanged herself in her room after receiving her upsr results. In 2005,Matthew Vinesh a teenager in the prime of his life at 17,hanged himself at home just completing his trial spm examination. The year 2004 recorded 3 suicides due to examination pressure. The alarming number of students experiencing strees,mental and health problems as a result of examination pressure calls for measures to be taken .

For starters ,the Malaysian Examination Syndicate (MES) has proposed that more school-based assemenst replace the many public examinations. Furtheromore,school-based assessments are continuous,ongoing and formative in nature . This will not only help reduce pressure from summative exams but also help both teachers and students work on their strengths and weekness in the teaching and learning process. School based assessments will also bring about abolishment of some public examination.

The MES proposes to abolish the Primary Year Six UPSR and the secondary There PMR public examination. Besides MES,the Ministry of Education (MOE) is also planning to take a number of measures to curb the stress and pressure school students have to undergo. The large class enrolments hinder the care and attention teacher can give to help students cope wit their studies. Therefore,teachers do not have time to cater to the different problems faced by the large number of students in each class.

Thus,steps have to be taken to reduce class enrolments so that teachers can give quality attention to students learning in their classroom. There should also be more school counselors that students can go to when facing problems. Besides counseling ,students should also be exposed to motivational talks that include strees managements strategies. Finally,the MOE should conduct clinics or seminars for both teachers and parents to help them identify students for both teachers and parents to help them identify students that display suicidal or other forms of negative behavior.

Since examination are one of the main cause of increasing number of students facing pressure ,mental and health problems,it is important that this issue be addressed. Steps and immediate measures must be taken to help overcome or curb this problem. What is needed is a concerted effort by all parties concerned to work together collaborativrly to help reduce pressure and stress as a result of public examination.

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