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Published: 2020-02-02 12:01:13
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I observed a student with delayed developmental milestones in One Tree School. The student has very slow catching up capacity and according to her teacher she is left behind most of the time by the class. Her teacher ensures that before presenting lectures in class, he make a simplified copy of lecture notes which is given to the student. The teacher assures me that the teaching standards offered to the class are understandable to the student with delayed developmental milestone. In addition the student is given tape recorded material to assist her in re-evaluating the lectures after classes.

The class environment is very favourable for this student because there are other three students with exceptional needs in the same class room. The school administration has established policies which ensure that all students with exceptional needs are served well and accorded quality standardized education. Other students in the classroom, who have no exceptional needs have been advised on how to handle, cope with, and assist this student to increase her understanding abilities. I asked to read the childs Individual Education Plan (IEP) and her teacher was very cooperative.

The IEP of this student has been well designed based on her disability and knowledge capacity. It has included all the knowledge and skills which the students need in order to progress to the next grade. The IEP of this student has specifically included her educational program which is English language arts program. The IEP analyzes her current performance in class based on the examination and test results given by teachers, parents and other school staff. According to the individual education plan her disability has not affected her class work much because she is a bright student who is willing to learn.

The IEP shows the annual goals and objectives which she is required to accomplish in terms of academic or behavioral needs. She has made measuring progress in her previous grades according to the achieved objectives. All special education services are included in the IEP and provided to the child. However, she is not allowed to participate in academic contests which involve arithmetic and geometry studies. She picks up very slowly both academically and socially. She has difficulty catching up with teachers in class especially when the presentation is very fast.

She has a problem in finishing her class work assignments on time due to a slow speed of understanding. The student experiences difficulty in socializing and making friends with classmates and schoolmates. She spends most time in isolation and has developed low self esteem and lack of confidence. Teachers and the girls parents have collaborated to initiate measures which ensure the students needs are met. The girl is given extra tutoring after school and assessed using individual tests to update her academic level. Support groups are put up in place in the school to assist her in developing social and interpersonal skills.

I would change the instructional delivery system by ensuring that the child is allowed to participate in challenging events such as geometry contests and taking arithmetic assignments to improve her overall understanding level. This will increase her self esteem and level of confidence. It will allow her to adapt in any kind of environment, despite her delayed developmental milestones. The student should be widely consulted and assessed to create instructions that will be effective in providing all required knowledge and skills.

Grade Four English-language Arts Content Standards. Reading 1. 0 Word Analysis, Fluency, and Systematic Vocabulary Development Students understand the basic features of reading. They select letter patterns and know how to translate them into spoken language by using phonics, syllabication, and word parts. They apply this knowledge to achieve fluent oral and silent reading. Word Recognition 1. 1 Read narrative and expository text aloud with grade-appropriate fluency and accuracy and with appropriate pacing, intonation, and expression.

Vocabulary and Concept Development 1. 2 Apply knowledge of word origins, derivations, synonyms, antonyms, and idioms to determine the meaning of words and phrases. 1. 3 Use knowledge of root words to determine the meaning of unknown words within a passage. 1. 4 Know common roots and affixes derived from Greek and Latin and use this knowledge to analyze the meaning of complex words (e. g. , international). 1. 5 Use a thesaurus to determine related words and concepts. 1. 6 Distinguish and interpret words with multiple meanings.

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