Support the Provision of Environment and How My Work Environment Is Organised to Promote the Development of Children Essay

Published: 2019-11-30 21:22:59
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Support the provision of environment and how my work environment is organised to promote the development of children The physical and emotional environment we create for children at Wattville primary school has a huge impact on their development. The environment is stimulating and attractive as children learn though their senses they need the environment to be interesting and visually attractive. There are also different types of activities and play opportunities; the layout of the classroom is well planned and organised and there is a variety of equipment which meets individual needs.

Outside the classroom, along the corridor there are pegs for the children to hang up their coats, hats and scarves, these are personalised with each childs name helping to promote childrens intellectual development as they learn to recognise their name and location of their peg. Inside the classroom, near the door there is a table with trays on it for children to put their water bottles in, this allows children to gain easy access to a source of drinking water throughout the day as they need to stay hydrated in order to concentrate and take part in activities.

The book corner is situated on the left hand side as soon as you enter the classroom, away from other activities to minimise disruption to children who want to use the area. There is a desk and chairs for children who wish to sit and read there and this area is also used for one to one reading sessions. There is also a soft seating area with pillows and cuddly toys so that children can relax while enjoying their book. There are a variety of books for the children of all abilities and cultures to enjoy.

The book corner helps to promote childrens language development and fine motor skills development. It also supports their social and emotional development as they sit with friends sharing stories and at times playing being the teacher where they pretend to be the teacher reading the story to the children using facial expressions and changing the tone of their voice. At the maths area there are bright, colourful equipment set out including shape sorters and abacuses. This area supports childrens mathematical development as well as their language and fine motor skill development.

The computer area consists of one computer and a printer, this develops childrens fine motor skills as they learn to move and click the mouse during different computer based activities. Childrens social and emotional skills are also encouraged as they learn to share and take turns. The writing area is set up with a variety of writing resources including; white boards, papers, pencils, felt tips etc. This area is set up to promote childrens communication, language and literacy as well as their creative development as they use their imaginations e. g. to create lists or write stories.

The creative area is situated at the back of the class room where it is not carpeted so that any spillage can be cleaned up easily. There are a variety of resources which include; coloured paper/card, materials such as foam and foil, scissors, glue, paint etc. This area promotes childrens fine motor skill development and also supports their language development as they begin to ask questions and talk about things that they are creating. The sand and water play is also located at the back of the classroom on suitable flooring away from books, tables and chairs to minimise mess and ensure childrens safety.

Water and sand play helps childrens fine motor skills and also supports social development as children play and interact with their friends and peers. The tables and chairs are set out in a way which allows children to move around the classroom with ease. There are a number of colourful and attractive displays containing the childrens work around the classroom. There is also a behaviour chart and reward charts displayed in the classroom, this helps childrens emotional development as they feel valued and it also encourages their confidence and self-esteem.

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