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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Former U.S Central Intelligence Agency operative Bryan Mills trying to get close with her daughter a 17 year old girl name Kim. Kim lives with her mother Lenore and her wealthy stepfather Stuart and they lives in California. Kim is an aspiring singer and she loves to sing. Kim asks Bryan for permission to travel to Paris with her friend Amanda but Bryan balks at the two girls to travel alone, but relents when Lenore complains that he is overprotective. Bryan gives Kim an international cell phone and makes her promise to call every day. At Los Angeles International Airport he found out that the girls are not staying in Paris but following U2 during their European tour. When Kim and Amanda arrived in Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport they meet Peter a scout for a kidnapping gang who offers to share a cab with them and so learns where they are staying.

Kim believes they are staying with Amandas cousins but upon arriving at the apartment she found out the Amandas cousins are actually in Spain and she becomes slightly nervous. While Kim talking to her father on phone at the bathroom Kim sees Amanda being kidnapped by some intruders. Bryan immediately instructs her to go to the nearest room and hide under a bed. He explains that when the men find her, she has to shout their physical descriptions. Kim is pulled out violently under the bed. Bryan warns the person over the phone that they have one chance to release his daughter or else he will begin to hunt them down and kill them. He told good luck and the connection is terminated.

Bryan informs Stuart and Lenore about Kims abduction. Bryans former colleague Sam tells him that based on the recording; Kim has probably been taken by an Albanian human trafficking ring that has recently begun abducting female tourists. He also says that if she is not rescued within ninety-six hours, she will likely never be found. Bryan travels to Paris, and finds Peter at the airport attempting to lure another tourist. After a confrontation and chase, Peter is hit and killed by a passing truck before Bryan can interrogate him.

Bryan then seeks out Jean-Claude a former French intelligence officer who now works a desk job. Jean-Claude is relatively unhelpful but does direct Bryan to Porte de Chichy, where an East European gang are rumoured to be prostituting women. Jean-Claude afterwards has the police put a tail on Bryan and soon warns Bryan that his vigilante methods will result in him getting deported, but Bryan avoids arrest. Bryan follows one gangster to a brothel at a construction site, where he finds a girl wearing Kims jacket. He fights off the brothel guards and escapes with the girl. After the girl awakens, she gives Bryan enough information about the house where she met Kim to allow him to find it. Bryan confronts the Albanians, and identifies the kidnapper on the phone as Marko. He wounds Marko and kills the others.

Searching the house, he finds several captive teens, including Amanda, who is dead from an apparent overdose. In the basement of the house, Bryan straps Marko into a makeshift electric chair and tortures him into divulging Kims location; as a virgin, she was very valuable on the black market, and was sold to an auctioneer named Patrice Saint-Clair . Bryan leaves Marko to die, and visits Jean-Claude at home. Having deduced that Jean-Claude is taking kickbacks from the kidnappers, he extracts Saint-Clairs home address by threatening to kill his wife. Bryan infiltrates Saint-Clairs mansion, where a large party is the facade for an auction of girls in the basement.

Bryan forces a Middle Eastern bidder to purchase his daughter, but is captured after they exit the room. Bryan frees himself and kills Saint-Clairs henchmen. He forces Saint-Clair to reveal where Kim has been taken before killing him. Bryan races to the luxury yacht owned by a sheikh named Raman and boards it. There, he kills the boats guards, confronts the sheikh in his boudoir, and shoots him in the head thus rescuing his daughter. They both return to the U.S. where Kim is reunited with her mother and stepfather. Afterward, Bryan takes Kim to see Sheerah for her first singing lesson.


1. The first problem in the movie is negligence of the parent of Dianne. The mother of Kim must not allow her to travel without a guardian because she was only 17 and she is vulnerable to any exploitation and traffic. 2. The state must not allowed the minors to have international travel without the presence of their parents. Like what happened to Amanda and Kim minors must not allowed travelling alone in other countries without guardians. 3. The dishonest police officer.

These days this is very common issue a lot of the duty-bearers in the government are dishonest with their duties and responsibilities because of money.

In the first issue the parents must always be liable to the protection of their own child. As a parent they must be the one who will first secure the safety of their child. The government must have policy that will reinforce the parents to protect their child as much as they can. And to the second issue the state must not allow minors to travel abroad without guardians, in connection with this the government must create law that will impose and prohibit children travelling abroad without their parents. In connection with the third issue the government must punish the duty bearer who have found guilty of being dishonest with their job and give them lifetime imprisonment.

I learned from this movie that we should always obey our parents because they always know what is right and what is good for us. I also learned that we should not trust stranger easily because they dont know what are their true motive and intentions to us. It is better to protect ourselves from people who have bad intentions to us. And I also learned that if we will go to some places that we are not familiar we should always bring guardians because violence are very widespread nowadays.

I hate the character of Amanda in this movie because she has a attitude of being flirt even she doesnt know Peter she trusted him that easy so shes big idiot and bitch for me. I was so amazed Bryan the father of Kim because he was so brave to save his own daughter from being kidnapped. He was a good example of an ideal father because he was willing to take risk his own life just to save his own daughter. He was very courageous to save his daughter and he always knows what is right. I also hate the character of Kims mother because she was so stupid to let her daughter go to Paris without her presence she is not thinking outside the box. But I like the end of the story because Kim was saved by her father.

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