Tales of an Undercover Drug Agent Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Paul Doyle is a retired agent who has been known for his record in completing his assigned tasks promptly as he was handed the responsibility of keeping a close look on the drug activities going on in Boston. As a retired agent, he continuously handled the different aspects of challenges he faced when he was younger in duty as a major part of his job as an agent. As part of his legacy, he then decided to share his experiences in the job to awaken others with the reality that everybody needs to deal with in terms of succeeding the fight against drugs. About the Book

Wherever you go”east, west, north or south”drugs are there. They are even in small towns. In Palm Springs, California, for example, the drug problem is so bad that some parents worry about sending their youngsters to school. In Aspen and Boulder, Colorado, drugs are freely used in public. In East Jordan, Michigan; Nashua, New Hampshire; Lansing, Illinois; yes, in just about any place one look, illegal drugs are used. THERE are no simple answers to why people turn to drugs. A few experts suggest that there are as many reasons for abusing drugs as there are people abusing them.

Yet there is a fundamental reason for the problem. It is that drugs are so available. For example, over 525 tons of barbiturates alone are produced annually in the United States. The American public consumes most of this tonnage on doctors prescriptions. Dr. Mitchell S. Rosenthal said that in 1971 enough mood-altering drugs were prescribed by doctors to keep every man, woman and child in [the United States] either up, down or out of it for a solid month. True, from these reports it could be observed that drug addiction is indeed a major issue in the American society even before the 1970s era.

With the introduction of pre-modernism, the different impacts of drug addiction in the society also increased thus affecting the different areas of the world. CHAPTER 1 towards CHAPTER 2 The book of Paul Doyle is a collection of the different encounters that he needed to deal with when he was still an agent. Undeniably, it was upon his intuition that he has been able to survive the challenges of his job in Boston. Drug addicts were not able to survive the strategies that he used to capture them and place them in the hands of the authorities.

Chapter one particularly introduced the first days of Doyle within duty that actually honed him professionally within the job that he has chosen to work with. The first days of his job has been rather exciting and promising that he expected so much action. As the chapter has been entitled Narcotics, he was able to learn so much about the basics of drugs in this section. This also includes the major effects that drugs have upon the victims of the said addiction. The second chapter on the other hand is entitled China Town which is naturally involved with his experiences in the said county.

It was during this section of his job experience that he was able to realize how strong the impact of drug is in terms of worldwide progress. He was able to note that people from the different areas of the world are also directly affected by the situation thus making their progress also intuitively difficult in terms of policy applications for people who are hard to discipline because of the effects of drug addiction in the society. Running after the culprits of the cases the minute that they get a call with regards the existence of a possible suspect is one among the many highlights of his profession.

He particularly pointed to these experiences as one of the most fulfilling duties that he has ever done for the society. He obviously wanted to point out that it is through this that he was able to realize the real gravity of his responsibility to the human community. Overall Reaction to the Reading From the said reading, it could be observed that the approach of Doyle was much effective in attracting the readers attention as the write-ups are all life-based and the prose were all reactively reflective with the real fight of the society against drug addiction and drug abuse in the communities around the world.

Overall, the reading is much suggested to be understood by the whole society thus making the fight against drugs a more effective process for the present human society today. Basing from the experiences of Doyle, the readers of the book shall indeed find that the profession of the said individual is rather an important factor that serves the balance of the present society. With the said profession, the control of crimes and violence committed by individuals because of drug addiction would thus be expected to lower down.

However, his experiences also point out that the responsibility of keeping close control with regards drug addiction and its effects to the community does not only belong to the authorities but also to concerned citizens who are likely affected by the said issue as well.


Paul Doyle. (2005). Hot Shots and Heavy Hits: Tales of an Undercover Drug Agent. Northeastern; New Ed edition.

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