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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Every child has the right to be sent to school to gain knowledge that could not be sufficed at home. They are intended to study on schools that will cater their needs not only for basic life information but about the different aspects of life that might help them as they grow up like the changes one undergoes upon growing up and the reasons why earthquake and green house effect happen. The learning that each child will gain through studying can be used in the fields they will choose in the future. Education is very important in the lives of every one given that it may help them achieve their desired jobs in the future.

This is given by certain people who finished degrees that focus on teaching. They are trained on a profession that masters the proper way of dealing with students. These practitioners are called teachers whom are often called the second parents of the students. Since they are the ones who are often with the students, they are expected to be guiding them towards the right path: a successful and fulfilled life. Nowadays, there has been an issue that seems to be a problem at school. The teaching career is now viewed as a profession for women.

Decades and centuries ago, men are in this field by which they were the ones who try to instill knowledge and wisdom to students whom after some time became their followers. Cicero, Plato and Aristotle are examples of the aforementioned people. Since there are social and genders issues before which state that men are the only people who are right for education, men in the teaching profession is ubiquitous. According to one article, it was after the World War 2 that men stopped or decreased in number in the teaching profession (National Mens Resource Center, 2003).

They cited that as the percentage of the women teaching is increasing accordingly in ten years scale by 21% from 1986 to 1998, male teachers decrease by 4%, which is undoubtedly depressing. Reasons of male who do not engage in teaching professions were reported as follows: low wages that do not equate their efforts in teaching naughty and stubborn kids; gender issues that might be tagged to them like they are gays or homosexual; degraded profile; and issues that might connect them to having affairs with the young, pedophile and sexual harassment.

Indeed, these reasons might be stopping them from sharing their skills with the young. Studies show that males really look on jobs that can emphasize their masculinity or so. Moreover, administrative positions are the most expected careers of man making teaching a career for men with no choice. Protection, on the other side is something they can give to the students. Fatherly attention and love can also be expected from good male teachers.

They might serve as role models of the young, given that they may show virtues that can be used by their students especially they male students as they treat other people. If male teachers will be that showy of the good manners in and out of the classroom, students will more likely aspire to become like them (for boys) or to have friends, boyfriends, fathers and brothers like them (for the girls). Studies presented here gave information that can let readers see the basic reasons why males do not choose teaching as a long time profession.

They have provided, enough information of the reasons, though not in a standard manner. The implications of the decreasing number of male teachers were also cited, therefore, the studies have broad perspectives about the problem. The studies might have focused on the effects of a male and female teacher. Comparison between the two set of teachers can be conducted so as to tell the good and bad effects of having a male teacher and vice versa.

It must be noted that education is important so as the people who are taking their responsibilities to inculcate significant knowledge in the childrens minds. Teachers must be valued to make them more motivated of their professions.


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