Technology: How it affects the Human Species Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Technology has improved the human species by providing information around the world, leading to developments in different countries. Biotechnology is improving the world of medicine, agriculture, and energy production. In the medical world, technology has a big impact by helping scientists and doctors figure out how to fight off diseases and viruses. For example, there are two individuals, one who has malaria and the other has built up a resistance to malaria. Knowing that an individual has built up resistance to malaria can help, simply by taking a sample of their blood and uploading it to a computer.

Scientists will trying to figure out what is the cause for this resistance to malaria, they will have to break down the DNA of the individual who is immune and simply extract the gene repelling malaria. With this knowledge there will be fewer deaths to groups of individuals who have not genetically build up a resistance to malaria in high risk countries. The downfall to biotechnology in the medical world is finding test subjects that will comply with the testings. Once the scientists and doctors find a concrete solution, they will be approved by the FDA to release their material to the general public. In the agricultural world, technology has helped us improve plants to become more stable and be able to sustain life in certain temperatures. With the creation of the microscope, we can see what genes we can take out the plant and add to the plant cell, so it can become a super plant.

As we grow, global warming is causing the Earth to become hotter each year. Therefore we are then creating plants that can sustain life with less water than the original. We know that with every step we take to advance in this world there is a downfall. The downfall for biotechnology in the agriculture world would be time and money. The time the scientists need to perfect the plant can take years, also the money to keep trying these trials and the land to plant them. The energy production in biotechnology can make us come to new advanced technology that creates fuel with plants. In the past, there were studies on using vegetable oil to replace gasoline for motored vehicles, which will cause us to use less fossil fuel. We have gathering many organisms and manipulated them with other organisms genes, so we can replicate the gasoline or the diesel fuel.

It will take time to create the fuel, and it will take many scientists as well to conduct trials. With all of the biotechnology trials death can result to it as well. If one is not careful, these organisms can become unstable, out of control and release toxic fumes or cause a new disease to break out. There are 6.8 billion people on the planet. 5.1 billion of them own a cell phone, but only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush (Hopkins, 1). About 6,000 deaths and a half a million injuries are caused by distracted drivers every year (Cell Phone & Texting Accident Statistics 1). As we advance in technology, there are always pros and cons.

Everyday humans use their cell phones to contact their loved ones, some humans will place a cell phone call or send a text while driving. That little distraction takes four seconds for someone to realize they are about to hit something, and they are an accident waiting to happen. The irresponsible driver will collide into another vehicle or object, causing an individual to have serious injuries or death. In addition, with the use of cell phones every individuals privacy is being snooped upon by the government, and the government is able to listen to an individuals conversation unwillingly. Technology has caused us to have less privacy and the government can invade as much as they want.

Four Steps

My claim is how technology affects the human species positively. I provided evidence, for example the Anthrax shot is given to individuals in the military before deployment to prevent them from getting the Anthrax disease. Providing such medicine, the fighting force will be healthy and ready to take on missions. My reasons are to make people understand that technology provides us with newer and more stable products. It also helps the medical world find new cures for disease and helps create vaccines for any disease that is considered deadly to the population. Over all technology provides the human species with great information that has evolved our species for the better.

Six Steps

Technology has not only provided the human species with positive outcomes, but it has its negative outcomes. Why are these claims not noticed as much? The environment will be altered with the creation of technology, for example factories that spill countless waste into the air, water, and soil causing global warming. Global warming which comes into effect by having polar ice caps melt, causing the sea level to rise. Basically, when there is more warm water in the ocean (because of the ice melt), more solar energy is absorbed by the water, which contributes to a warmer atmosphere. This atmospheric temperature shift causes unpredictable weather patterns, sometimes working against each other. (Alex Perlman, 1). My objective and reason is to state the negative outcomes that come with technology and how it affects us in different types of situations. Overall technology has provided us with advancement, but it also comes with tragedies for any species.


Without technology, what would we be doing as the human species? Our technology now can create medicine that can boost our immune system and enable us to fight off the illness. The invention of cell phones that has enabled us to communicate thousands of miles away. In the science industry we have used technology to solve mysteries about the human cellular structure. Technology has advance the human species although it destroys us and other species on Earth. For example, global warming which will create random storms that destroys property. Let us not take technology lightly because it can help us survive or it can have us killed.

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