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Published: 2020-02-07 06:52:41
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In comparison to end of term examinations, teaching students by continuous assessments is better. In most primary, secondary and tertiary forms of education, the latter method of evaluating students is used. This form is most common and is used in most parts of the world due to many reasons. Continuous assessment is a more accurate method of evaluating students. This method is more appropriate in higher education as it ensures students study and go through lectures and notes if not every day at home, then very regularly as doing bad in any quiz or test may affect their grades or overall marks.

Due to this, students actually go through the notes they take often to do well. This helps them remember and at the end they dont have to cram just before the final exam like they would have to if they only had to sit for end of term examinations. In other cases, many students may also have a psychological problem of giving exams. Due to this they may do badly in their exams even though they may know their subject very well. They may be brilliant in class, participate well, attend all lectures but even then in the end of term exams they may not do well.

This can be due to a phobia of examinations or simply the pressure of last minute studying. Due to this, taking tests or quizzes throughout the term, semester or year along with class participation is a better method of evaluating a student. At the same time, last minute cramming right before the finals may ensure that students do well in the term end exams. However, if students memorize right before their exams they may not remember what they learnt later as they may have been under too much pressure and stress while studying in the end.

Even though they get the grades, they do not remember what they learnt afterwards and then cannot use it later in life. Therefore what they studied becomes useless since they cannot utilize what they learnt in their lives. Many students may also not have the capability to memorize. This means they will not do well in term end exams as they will not be able to memorize and will not be able to write in the exam. Many students also lack conversational and presentation skills. These skills are necessary in life especially at work. Thus, these skills need to be developed and enhanced.

These can neither be developed nor enhanced if only term end examinations are taken. To bring about this development, teachers have to take continuous presentations etc in order to help students converse and communicate. In this manner as well, continuous assessment is better than term end examinations. Thus due to such reasons, I think continuous assessment is a better way of teaching as it helps students grasp more knowledge and utilize it later. This method also enhances certain skills which will surely help the students in finding better opportunities in their future.

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