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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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The three ghosts add to the popularity of the novel. First of all they take Scrooge on a journey. This is popular because it gives a sense of adventure and adventure themes are very popular for example Charlotte Bronti?? s Jane Eyre and Emily Bronti?? s Wuthering heights. The reason these adventures were so popular is because it is a journey through time. This is a new thing for the Victorians which creates shock nowadays. We relate to this through television like doctor who.

Also this makes scrooge change; this makes it popular as its not all about visiting place, its about he reacts and changes. At the end of the novel scrooge has completely changed. He has changed from being old, miserable and mean; to being kind and exhilarated (quote). In the first paragraph Dickens cleverly used scrooges voice to describe the room (quote). This makes us empathise with him and feel his excitement. Dickens also uses repetition to emphasise scrooges laugh (quote).

He does this to make sure that the audience has noticed that he is laughing. Scrooge also sends for a giant turkey for Bob cratchitt and gives the boy money for getting it. He also pays for a cab so the delivery person doesnt have to carry it. This part of the novel shows how much scrooge has changed. He has become generous, kind and considerate. Next scrooge walks around the street greeting people. He also bumps into the charity collectors who he gave a huge contribution too.

You begin to see that Dickens has cleverly repeated the events from stave 1, but made them chances for scrooge to be generous, for example the boy, the charity men, his nephew¦ This has a huge effect on people and most of them are surprised and happy for example the charity men. Cried the old gentleman. This is repeated to show his pleasure. Again this emphasises the point and makes us relate and feel the enthusiasm and joy.

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