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(1) The creation of a particular system the perception system, creates an avenue for individuals to make and differentiate objects and things. The answer is that the perceptual system makes assumptions about the way objects in the world usually look so we can resolve the ambiguity of figures such as the square (Willingham, 2007, pp 68-9) By creating assumptions, we can be able to interpret and determine the actual value of certain objects and shapes that our vision sees.

Thus, visual ambiguities are resolved by the creation of assumptions. However, they should not be treated in the manner in which they are integral of the visual system. Rather, they are built into the way the visual system itself is engineered, the same way many cameras are designed with the assumptions that pictures will be shot in daylight. (Willingham, 2007, pp 68-9)

            Different assumptions are created to supplement the need of the visual. With these individuals create assumptions that seek to resolve such ambiguities. These assumptions include: (1) Shape and orientation are resolved by assuming the objects are not in unusual orientation., (2) Shape and perception is also influenced by the frame of reference in which the object is viewed, (3) Light source, reflectance, and shadow are resolved by making assumptions about the color of objects and typical ambient lighting, and (4) size and distance are usually resolved by using cues to distance in the environment (Willingham, 2007, p 72)

(2) The role of perception in cognitive psychology is considered to be an important component. Of all the cognitive functions, your brain performs, vision is both the most remarkable and the most difficult to appreciate. (Willingham, 2007, p. 68) Due to visions relative depth and scope, sometimes individuals find it hard interpreting the way vision imparts meaning and experience. It is through this that cognitive psychology considers vision as one important facet.

(3) Visual perception is important in every cognitive process because it seeks to explain and showcase individuals create meaning about a certain object or thing. It helps individuals navigate into an object and identifying its relative components. This in turn creates specific action for the brain to function depending to the relative needs of an individual. One set of visual processes supports our conscious perception of where things are and what objects are out in the world. (Willingham, 2007, p.88)

In addition to that, visual perception is consistent compared to visuals which makes it easier for individuals to associate and navigate as far as its relative properties are concerned. When you walk into a room, you immediately perceive the objects that are in the room, their relative positions, their colors, textures, whether they are moving, and so on. (Willingham, 2007, p.68)


Willingham, D.T. (2007) Visual Perception in Cognition: The Thinking Animal. 3rd ed. Pearson

Education; Pearson Prentice Hall. pp. 69-106

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