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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Once upon a time in a far away land unseen to man, there was a powerful realm called Fairytale country. The largest kingdom within Fairytale country was the Magical Kingdom which was owned by the selfish King Americus and Queen Eura. Magical Kingdom was a place filled with beauty, peace, and harmony. It was considered as such because of the beautiful, peaceful, and harmonious people inside the Magical Castle. What most outsiders did not know was the fact that the ordinary residents of Magical Kingdom have a different outlook on their situation.

There was no beauty in their place, no peace, and absolutely no harmony. The Magical Castle took no notice of these predicaments. They merely solved the residents problems by means of magic tricks and illusions that their problems have been solved. When the farmers would complain about the lack of compensation from the castle, the King and Queen would order their illusionists to make the farmers believe that they have increased their payment. This way, believing that they were being given more than enough of what they truly deserve, all the residents loved the King and Queen

The beloved King and Queen of Magical Kingdom later bore an extraordinary princess by the name of Selene. The King and Queen were so proud of their only daughter that they invited the most famous and powerful fairies of Fairyland on Selenes baptism to grant her eternal gifts. There were thirteen fairies present on the baptismal celebration. Only twelve were recognized and invited by the King and Queen. They blessed her with eternal gifts of beauty, wisdom, kindness, compassion, obedience, creativity, wealth, diligence, honesty, loyalty, innocence, and happiness.

All these gifts were believed to stay with her for the rest of her life to restrict her in a life that was to be dictated by her parents. The King and the Queen were so delighted that their daughter would be expected to live a perfect and happy life just like the other princesses in the Fairytale country like Snow White, Belle, Aurora, and Rapunzel. They hurriedly instructed all their servants to prepare a glamorous feast for the newly-baptized baby. Amidst the festivity, no one ever noticed the thirteenth fairy who attended the baptism.

The thirteenth fairy, a loner who mostly enjoyed the company of the ogres and dwarves in the forest, thought that the gifts for baby Selene were too common and boring. She knew of the Kings evil and misleading deeds so she initially planned to end the life of the child on her eighteenth birthday. Remaining hidden among the crowd, the fairy flew silently and slowly to the elegant cradle of the royal baby. How indeed beautiful you are, young Selene, the thirteenth fairy whispered softly. The innocent look on the babys face made her change her mind about the death wish she was about to cast to her.

She realized that she cared too much for the town to ruin a potential rescuer. She decided to give her something that the other stupid and ignorant princesses of Fairytale country do not possess. Today, I will grant you the most powerful gift”a gift that no other princess deserves to have. This gift will soon change the wicked and cruel ways of this kingdom. However, the gift will only manifest upon your 18th year on Fairytale country. In a silent chant, she whispered the gift to the innocent Selene and disappeared into the crowd. Years passed by and Selene grew up into a fine young woman.

She was extremely beautiful extrinsically and intrinsically. The people of Magical Kingdom adored her, and even the other princesses within the Fairytale country wished to be a friend of hers. At a very young age of fifteen, she had plenty of royal suitors who desired to marry her once she turned eighteen and become ready for the throne. Quite expectedly, her parents had already pre-arranged her future marriage to Prince Gorf of Marioland. He was the son of King Harry and Queen Hermione. Selene reluctantly agreed for the sake of her parents happiness. However, her secret friend, Lance, would always convince her not to give her consent.

He was a secret friend because he was an ordinary boy from outside the castle who would regularly sent her charcoal sketches of the world outside by wrapping the paper around a rock and throwing it over towards her bedroom window. Lance would write her stories about the outside world which she found to be exactly the opposite of what she saw from her castle window. She would often write back asking more questions about the real world. Lance claimed it was hell outside, and what she merely saw from her window were illusions created by her parents magicians and illusionists.

However, the King and Queen were quite strict in terms of her extreme friendliness with the ordinary residents of Magical Kingdom, so they kept the friendship secret. Later on, they stopped writing to each other when Lance accused the King and Queen of fooling their people. Selene never believed him because her parents would always remind her how good they were to the residents and how ungrateful these residents were to them. Despite these claims, Selene wondered why they prohibited her to roam outside the kingdom. There are dangerous people outside our gardens, dear Selene.

You are not to go beyond those fences for you might be held captive by rebels who wish to dethrone your father, the King explained when Selene implied an interest in seeing the world outside the castle grounds. We cannot please everybody even though how hard we try, my dear. Dethrone you? How can they possibly even think of replacing you? They owe you their life, father, Selene protested with a puzzled look. She could not believe that there were even evil people who exist. This was the result of being given the gift of innocence. Indeed, indeed, the Queen interfered.

We have given them everything they need but still some of them abhor us. Yet, it is understandable, Selene. They are of the lesser beings. Please just promise us never to cross that fence. Since she was gifted with obedience, she never dared to see the world outside the castle until the morning of her eighteenth year on Fairytale country. Early that morning, when most of the servants were still asleep and the guards eyes were half-closed, she woke up in haste with a strange feeling of curiosity. She suddenly got out of bed and silently roamed around the garden of the castle.

She noticed the tall and heavily-cemented fence that separates the castle from the world outside. She thought she heard a sound coming from behind that fence. Is someone there? She called out softly afraid to awaken the guards on duty nearby. Selene! She heard someone replied at the other side. She recognized that familiar voice and that voice was the only person who never called her princess. Selene, come out here. Ive dug a hole for you where you can slip out of these fences. Selene followed where she thought she heard the voice the loudest then looked down.

There was a small hole beneath the stone fence where her small stature was capable of crawling out. I cant, she hesitated. What do you mean, you cant? Ive dug this hole for over a month to prove what you previously accused of me as lies, Lance insisted. Finally, she gave in. She carefully bent down to ease her way through the small hole that Lance had hollowed out for her. She was transformed into a world much different to her previous one. She saw dead trees and starving animals. She caught sight of a seemingly deserted town very much opposite of the town she saw from her window view.

She saw the rugged and tired image of Lance looking at her. One by one, the ordinary residents came walking towards her. All of them appeared to be starving and filthy. Nobody seemed to be the reflection of the nourished people her parents have described before. She could not believe it. What is this place? She asked in horror unable to believe she was just a few steps away from her castle. This is your town, Selene, Lance murmured in a sympathetic tone. Help us, Princess¦ she heard the approaching townspeople said. Help us.

She was startled by the sudden bolt of thunder and lightning which pierced the sky. She noticed the sudden shift of the townspeoples attention from her to the castle behind her. In shock, she had forgotten the existence of a place before her. She shifted her gaze to the castle. She stared in horror as she caught whole view of the castles repulsiveness. It was covered in dark moss, fully surrounded and enveloped by dark bulging clouds. The facade were ornamented with cracks and the towers were fully nested with ugly crows. It was not an image of beauty and absolutely not a place of peace and harmony.

It was an image of darkness and evil only covered with elegant ornaments and illusions. Illusions”everything the princess have known before were merely illusions. Among the flock of trees, the thirteenth fairy smiled as she saw the look on the princess face. The fairy was torn between the feeling of pity towards the princess previous life of ignorance and delight that she had finally made her way outside that ignorance. Her eyes were finally opened to the real world outside her fairytale life. At last, the gift of reality has already been consumed.

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