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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Introduction An E-reader is one of the most useful technologies today because of its design and features, particularly in its capacity to make information portable. The dawn of e-readers introduces readers to a unique reading experience wherein they can take their reading materials anywhere they go without the bulkiness and hassle that goes along with bringing actual printed materials. Of all the e-readers available in the market, Sony E-reader stands out over its competitors because of its design and features.

In going over the specific features of the matte black model of Sony Reader PRS-T2, one can say that the said e-reader is a must-buy item for readers due to its considerable benefits, regardless of its disadvantages. Features Primarily, Sony E-Readers most noticeable features are its design and dimension, display, and performance. Although the reader do not hold a considerable competitive, price advantage over its competitors, the reader may also be considered sufficient enough in addressing customers standards on performance.

In terms of design, the reader features a 6. 87 tall by 4. 37 wide dimensions; it is also . 37 thick, which is considered lightweight compared to other E-readers (Van Camp, 2012). With its thin design, the reader only weighs 5. 9 oz, which is quite portable and light. Further, the reader is rubberized, and it sports a large chin-area that allows readers to hold the device from the lower part. Aside from this, the readers display and performance also play a vital factor in determining its overall appeal and usefulness to readers.

Specifically, the E Ink display type and 6 screen size gives readers a larger reader interface. Sony Readers battery also lasts to at least 2 months, if the Wi-Fi connectivity is turned on, while 6 weeks if the Wi-Fi technology is turned off. Pros and Cons The most noticeable advantage of Sony E-Reader is its lightweight and attractive design, connectivity features, and features. For instance, with its light and slim design, the reader easily fits the hand while it is also more portable.

The reader also features five physical buttons below the screen, which are not available in Kindles Paper White model. With this feature readers are better able to toggle from page to page singlehandedly; other e-readers do not have this feature, regardless of the fact that customers also prefer to have physical page-turn buttons. Aside from this, Sony Readers connectivity features allow readers to connect to social networks, such as Evernote and Facebook, allowing them to post and share their thoughts. Readers can also customize the look of their homepage.

The reader also prides itself with its compatibility feature, particularly to diverse digital formats such as Microsoft Word, PDF, Epub, and image file formats. With this compatibility range, users of Sony Reader may also have access to different e-book stores. Although Sony Reader PRS-T2 has its valued, beneficial features, it also has a few disadvantages. For instance, in terms of price, the reader is so far behind its competitors. Its price range, which is at $127-$130, is quite expensive as compared to Kindle Paper Whites $119-$199.

Aside from its price, the reader also lacks a reader-friendly illumination, which requires readers to find a suitable place to read on their own (Van Camp, 2012). Further, Van Camp (2012) mentions that Sony still have not provided the exact number of available books in its library, which leaves readers hanging resulting to their patronage of other online libraries. Further, there is also a need to refine the Refresh interface of the E-Reader while it also necessary to advance its page-turning interface to accommodate the diverse finger placements of the readers.

Conclusion Considering the features of the Reader, one can say that, if users are going after battery life, portability, and compatibility with diverse digital file formats, the Sony Reader PRS-T2 is a reasonable choice. This is because the said Reader offers longer battery life, thin and weight design, open compatibility to diverse formats, and gadget aesthetics. However, price is a major concern when choosing Sonys Reader because of its high price range, which surpasses its more popular competitors such as Kindle.

Further, it is also noteworthy to consider Sony Readers lack of illumination as another limiting factor when buying Sonys Reader. Conclusively, it is safe to say that the selection of an E-reader depends on the users needs, and users should try out e-readers with their own hands to ensure that they get the most value for their money. Reference Van Camp, J. (2012, October 11). Sony reader PRS-T2. Retrieved from http://www. digitaltrends. com/ebook-reader-reviews/sony-reader-prs-t2-review/

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