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Published: 2020-02-06 07:02:58
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The information systems are custom or generic built systems which often envelopes bugs for which proves to be quite difficult to eradicate and destroys the entire system functionality and usage. The precise reason for failure would be the very nature of not meeting the user requirements, incorrect identification and inappropriate representing of facts and observations. The primary stage of tracking them requires extensive expertise and thorough analysis of the system and the required functionality. The factors influencing the cover up of the negative factors are taken care so that there is a solution to every problem which is mentioned.

Introduction The influence of various factors which leads to the failure of information systems makes the entire process of the information and the related business side quite vulnerable to emergency threats and complicated scenarios. The first section discusses the various information system processes and the mechanism which facilitates the flow of data and information among them. The next section highlights the very definition of failure syndrome and what exactly does it mean? Information loss and incorrect representation of data would make the system quite unacceptable in nature.

The final section takes the very process of discussing the failure moments in various stages of development of the system and highlights every stage in-depth. 1. Information systems processes The information system processes are the ones which are mentioned in the SRS document which needs to be adhered by the software vendor. Often the customer is not clear or confused about the ideas and the requirements. At the thought generation stage, the customer and the software vendor must agree with the set of requirements and would make sure that none changes them after the development process begins.

The very identification of the exact business workflow process and capitalizing on the resources is the major stage which needs to be correctly implemented so that the entire process flows smooth. 2. Defining the failure syndrome in IS The failure syndrome can be classified into total, partial and others. The various forms are quite vague in nature and predictions would be based on the assumptions stated. Total failure relates to either the concept has never been implemented or after implementation the system was abandoned.

The concept building phase would have taken so much time that the very idea was quite complex at the end. The feasibility factors were studied in so detail that there was always some probability of not proceeding with the further implementation stages. The other case which was highlighted is that just after the system is implemented it was found to be not satisfying the business requirements or it did not envelope the business workflow and had to be abandoned so that the business does not suffer losses if it cannot make profit.

The partial failure of the system can be attributed for either the system does not fulfill the system requirements or there are significant undesirable outcomes. If a particular set of requirements are not fulfilled or if a department is not aligned in sharing information then it may result in failure of the system. Other types of failures can be attributed for the working of the system for some time and then getting completely discarded by the users. The reasons could be attributed for usability features with regard to interactivity features.

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