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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Max Boots article The Intelligence Thing to Do is devoted to the problem of privacy violations. Actually the article is of great importance as the question of privacy and violation is a matter of concern not only in the USA, but also in the most countries of Europe. Furthermore, the article touches not only ethical, but also legislative aspects of the problem. Therefore the author tries to define the proper ways out and to persuade government to take necessary measures. It is necessary to outline that findings presented in the article significantly contribute the evidence that privacy is really violated nowadays. (Boot 2006)

The article provides thorough examination of the causes, possibilities and consequences and therefore it has caught attention. Actually this article is intended not only for lawyers and other officials, but also for businessmen and entrepreneurs, because it would assists in solving problems. Therefore the article leads through abundant data presented to persuade readers that the problem has to be resolved. The author is rather persuasive, because he uses logical arguments, conclusions, facts and viewpoints of different critics to defend his position. (Boot 2006)

Nevertheless, the tone of the article is too pessimistic, because the author provides only the negative issues without offering relevant solutions. Boot provides no positive evaluation of the issue and thus he highlights the problem only from one point of view. Therefore the content of the article appears to be ambiguous and perplexing. It would be better for the author to define the problem and to suggest possible ways out. However, the author is effective in defending his viewpoints. Furthermore, Boot uses too many questions without providing answers. Thus he makes people think themselves. (Boot 2006)

Concerning the content of the article the author argues that it is practically impossible to protect privacy in modern society. Boot also cites critics arguing that Bush makes too little to protect homeland from violations. It is mentioned that even The National Security failed to protect privacy, though it has been the best in deciphering enemy communications for many years. The author makes a logical conclusion that due to growth and development of technologies, especially Internet, the privacy is threatened and violated. (Boot 2006)

Boot supports his position by providing relevant evidence. For example, he states that Google is able to display any information posted about the person. Nowadays it is quite easy to find facts about birth date and place of a person, telephone number, address, satellite photos of the houses with the prices; Social Security number and full credit history can be also obtained without serious difficulties. The author considers such actions privacy violations. It is known that privacy violations are not, strictly speaking, criminal activity, but, depending on what is done with the information, it can be used for criminal purposes such as assuming an identity for the purposes of obtaining credit, etc. (Privacy Violations 2006)

The problem is worsening, because even the FIFA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) isnt paid necessary attention. The only solution provided in the article is to allow the President to order any necessary surveillance; however, it is used nowadays mostly for gathering dirty information about political opponents. (Boot 2006)

In conclusion it is necessary to say that the author appears to be persuasive in defending his position. The author has managed to affect readers and to make them think about the issue. The strength of the article is abundant data and evidence used to support the main idea. Thought the weakness is the absence of suggestions how to solve the problem. (Boot 2006)

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