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Published: 2020-02-26 02:51:21
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The King of Masks is a movie with many underlying themes, one of which is unconditional love, and I believe that the story of the movie, the lessons that I learned and the impact that it had on me all revolved around this. The movie emphasized the culture of the Chinese brilliantly and reflected how much they value having a male child. The main character is an entertainer and has been using a technique in instantly changing his masks, hence, the moniker king of masks. In order to pass down his trade secret, he needed a grandson.

I was appalled at one scene wherein the king of masks was walking inside a dark alley and he was being offered children, mostly girls, for him to buy for a price. While I was watching this scene, two thoughts entered my mind. Is it because these people are poor that they wanted to sell their children so that these children will have better lives? Or is the reason why they are selling these females is because of their gender? Regardless of which reason, I do not, and I certainly abhor selling your own kin. Love should be unconditional especially when we are talking about family.

One of the reasons why a family exists is for its unconditional love. Even though we have done some dreadful things in our life, even if we ourselves are ashamed of what we have done our family will and should always be there for us, not sell us to strangers just because we turned out to be females. Unconditional love was also shown by Doggie to her grandpa. She did whatever she possibly can to help him in his endeavors and she showed determination, service and zeal to the things that she does, even when her grandpa did not want her anymore.

The entertainer, Master Liang, also showed this unconditional love for the performing arts done by the king of masks. When the king of masks turned down his offer, he didnt push his luck further and did not take advantage of the old mans situation. Have it been somebody else I am sure that they would have bribed the old man into giving in his trade secret. The movie taught me that we can forgive and accept if we love, that we can defy norms because we care, and that there are no boundaries when building ones family, regardless of being blood related or not.

There have been many offenses made by both the king of masks and Doggie, and both to each other, but because they have grown to love and accept each other in their lives they were able to forgive the wrong things that they have done and both were apologetic. However, I think that it was Doggie who loved more, it is possible out of conscience, and even sacrificed her life for grandpa. I also saw how determined Doggie was in order for grandpa to keep her.

Her training and the way she handled every challenge was beyond amazing for an eight year old girl. I felt so sorry for those female children who were born and were not wanted. I do not believe in what they believe in. A life, whatever its gender is precious and will always is. Not wanting someone who came out of your love and marriage and of your body is unjustifiable. The way those parents treated their daughters should never be done. A child, regardless of gender, has the right to live, to education, to play, to eat, and to be children.

It is not only the parents who are violating these rights, but also those kidnappers who took a little boy and Doggie. In spite of these, I admire how brave the two main characters are for facing that kind of life that they have and striving. I like how the old man asked Doggie to return what she stole, I like that he refused the offer of Master Liang, I like how he wanted to preserve his craft, and I loved how he forgave Doggie and continued to be with her. If more people were like him, the world will definitely be a better place.

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