The Mystery Surrounding the Bermuda Triangle Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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My research question is Is the Bermuda Triangle likely to be a cause of natural phenomenon? My working hypothesis is based on the concrete evidence that scientists have put forth concerning the various unfortunate incidents related to aircrafts and surface vessels, there is more inclination towards the Bermuda Triangle being a cause of natural phenomenon rather than any other phenomena. After more extensive research, I might decide to narrow the working hypothesis to just one major incident that effectively backs up my claim. Working Bibliography (in APA form)

Print sources Daniel Lexton. (2003). The bermuda triangle. Skeptic, 10(3), 96B. From this, I found out about a number of unfortunate incidents that occurred in the region that is named Bermuda Triangle. Lexton gives explanations for why these incidents may have happened. I believe that these will come in handy when I am trying to argue for natural causes. Njau, E. C. (1995). The bermuda triangle mysteries: An explanation based on the diffraction of heat waves. Renewable Energy, 6(8), 1017-1022. doi:10.1016/0960-1481(95)00098-X. This is specifically about the theory of diffraction of heat waves. It logically explains how the eastward-moving heat waves may be responsible for the mysteries noted in the Bermuda region.

Audience: AUS students who have an interest in mysterious happenings and are perhaps curious of what the Bermuda Triangle is and would like to know the reasons behind it. Counterargument and refutation: Some people may argue that the cause of such happenings is due to supernatural explanations. However, I will present theories put forth by scientists that have a more concrete explanation. I will convince my readers that coincidences do occur and resorting to supernatural causes is not a solution. After all, we see with experience that almost everything has a valid explanation. Time is what we need to officially prove it.

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