The Negative Effects on Bullying Essay

Published: 2019-10-10 12:16:19
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School has always been known to be a socially comfortable environment, but for some, school isnt always a pleasant place to be. In todays society, bullying is the most common form of violence in school-aged children. Bullying is an aggressive action that an individual uses toward another intentionally to hurt them physically or emotionally. This action can be taken place anywhere, at any time. Bullying is wrong and can lead to anxiety, loneliness and thoughts of suicide. When a person is being bullied, anxiety can occur. Individuals are being tormented just because they simply stand out from others. Bullying can lead the individual to becoming socially withdrawn. Teasing and name-calling can have long lasting effects on the victim. When a child has a feeling of anxiety, it affects their whole life. Bullying has an effect on an individuals mood, their behavior, and how they feel. Living in fear is not something a person should experience.

Bullying can trigger the feeling of loneliness and sadness. Knowing that bullying occurs commonly at school, the victim normally is an outcast from the majority of their peers. Normally, bullies try and target individuals who have very few friends or those with low self-esteem. Kids usually bully others because their family either abused or neglected them. The bullies take their frustration out on the individuals who seem lonely. During the time period of loneliness and sadness, selective individuals may harm themselves to the point where suicidal thoughts occur. Attempted suicide and many other psychological issues can be caused by bullying. A person can only deal with so much abuse and misuse. Many victims who have dealt with bullies are scared mentally and have considered the thought of suicide.

Selective individuals are extremely traumatized by bullying, that they become miserable and not able to talk to someone about the situation. The victim then feels as if they are hopeless and then will commit suicide. That very life that was lost could have been prevented. Others may believe that bullying doesnt always have a negative effect on the victim. Assuming the victim will not always let the bully get away with mistreat and harassment. However, bullying is wrong and it should end. No individual has any right to feel superior over the next.

There is no excuse for this horrible behavior. Everyone has a life worth living. There may be various amounts of reasons to why people bully, but not even one is acceptable. It is a type of behavior that needs to be put to an end. Bullying is an extremely serious issue that affects individuals all over the world every day, physically and emotionally. No one should feel anxiety, loneliness or worthless because of someones selfish acts. If more people are informed about these horrible acts that occur daily, action could be taken place. It may not be a particular person that is affected by bullying, but its everyones priority to help end it.

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