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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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The organizational theory of concept involves the dynamic interplay amoung individuals in organizations, teams and leadership behaviors, and the organization itself.(Hellriegel & Slocum, 2004 PG. 29) The authors define a participative style of leadership as one the requires the leader to maintian two-way communication and to support followers in the use of their competencies. Ms. Winfrey leads her organization through a participative style. She shares the decision making with groups of members or on a one to one basis with competent employees. She firmly belives that she does not always have the right answers, as shown by a statement she made in reference to a sucide note written in 1981, I cried for the women I was then (Garson, 2004, p. 42).

She is quoted as saying, It is all about attracting good people. I have always tried to surround myself with people who are smarter in ways that I am not. (Howard, 28 May 2006) Ms. Winfrey also encourages input from colleagues and staff. Winfreys book club launch in September of 1996 is a perfect example of this. She relied on the opinions of others to aide her in the selections of the featured novel. Her producers and staff members are key elements in the presenting and the selection of new show tapes, as well as, magazine content. (Howard May 2006)

            Oprah is an incredibly fasscinating person. She is full of passion, humility, and strength. She treats people with respect, much like my parents taught me to. Her parents, like mine, believed in higher education and made sure she received the best possible education, much like mine did for me. Ms. Winfrey has incerdible self-determination, as do I. For example after I had obtained a degree in accounting and worked for only a year, I completely changed careers to nursing. That in itself took incredible self-determination.

I believe in Ms. Winfreys participative style and I use it myself in all aspects of my life. At work, I always seek the teams input in planning care for a patient. I motivate my team to work together to achieve the level of organization that is required for patient satisfaction. On the home front, open communication and family based decision making is key. Everyone is involved in the decision making process, and family time holds us closely together.

I am proud of my accomplishments as a parent, wife, and graduate student, and I encourage my children to hold people such as Oprah Winfrey in high regard. I encourage them to use her and other like her as a role model, while explaining to them that they have to do it their way, because she did it her way. I am continually using wisdom and empathy much like   Ms. Winfrey to communicate with people. I practice and ecourage other to actively listen when others are speaking, and, above all else, I always try to place myself in anothers shoes.

Ms. Winfrey exerts power with charisma. She has the ability to inspire her staff, colleagues, and audiences through not only her large scale humanitarian work but also through her personal life. For eample, she created her Angel Network in 1997 to donate money to a wide variety of charities. On a more personal note, Ms Winfrey was inducted into the Hall of Fame for National Assoicosiaction for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). She inspires trust within her oragnizations because she is a competent leader and she works to surround herself with compentent people. She is very charismatic, and extremly influential.

This influence can be seen in the lack of tabliod news about Ms. Winfrey. For example, her drug use, the suicide note, and her dead child were all revealed using her talk show as the platform. These are usually fodder for the tabliods, and are usually revealed against a persons will.  While some scandals do come and go for Oprah, the general public believes in her and tends to forgive her flaws and mistakes. In reference to her her influence she is quoted as saying, When I began my talk show I was so thrilled to have the opportunity that I never thought much about the tremendous influence TV could have. Now I feel the power and the enormous responiblity that comes with it. (adler, 1997, p. 60)

She relies on referent and reward power to express gratitude and appreciation to her staff. She pays gratitude and respect to her staff through words of admiration. She lavishly gifts them, especially arround the holidays. An example of her reward power is the first class trips to hawaii that she gave awayt o every staff member a few years ago. The trips included first class airline tickets, stays a five-star resorts and spending money for them and their families.

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