The Person Who Changed My Life Essay

Published: 2019-11-03 06:12:36
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I walked down the corridor, trying to blend in with the crowd unable to chatter like them as I walked down my corridor. It wasnt that I had no friends, but I was too shy to open my mouth and speak. But then she walked in and said hello and made each and every one of us at home, on our first day of school. She introduced herself as Tasneem Maam and I loved her from the minute I set my eyes on her. She wanted to make each one of us share our thoughts, but I couldnt. I just couldnt. I was too shy to answer in class. I was the person who hid behind my mother when someone asked me my name.

Speaking up in class in front of 30 students? Forget it. But as usual she would tell me that I could do it, and her eyes always said whatever you say, I will always be proud of you. She worked her magic on me through her soothing words, her appealing expressions and her enthralling smile.i Day by day I improved, my shyness took a while to disappear but eventually like how a bud blossoms into a flower, I blossomed into the person who was no longer afraid to accept who she was, but ready to take on new challenges that life offered. I really dont know where I would have been without her, and I sincerely hope shell be proud of me when she sees how far Ive come with her help. By FarheenK2001

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