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Published: 2020-02-13 09:51:23
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Petroleum is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, mostly saturated or aromatic (~ 10%). It enables almost all inventions and contraption ever designed from cars to machinery. In principal most major technological invention use some part of petroleum based subsidiary without which we would be immobilized to a great extent. The advantages are plenty to list a few: Petroleum fuels are clean and it leaves no residue, no smoke and no pollutants.

It burns readily as preheating is not required due to its low ignition temperature. The major advantage petroleum has over other fuel combustions are that the environmental impacts are less costly to rectify when compared to other fuel discharge. It is a very compact and can be easily stored and transported. Petroleum has the best component of organic molecules for making plastic, fiber etc. Due to its heat resistance it can be used as lubricants like motor oil and grease.

The residue can be recycled and used for making roads (asphalt), certain components like Sulphur which is by product has extensive industrial usage as well. In comparison to other energy sources is has been found economical especially where the production cost is concerned. Disadvantages such as risk to the eco system through oil spills etc. emission of CO2 producing the green house effect, pollution problems, fear of limited resources and the fuel price have been argued extensively.

These can be seen as exaggerated since the excessive mileage that the global warming prevention has been receiving. It seems certain that CO2 emission caused by the use petroleum in fact has a positive effect in tune with the rise in global temperature. If the biggest drawback is global warming then the CO2 reduction is to be taken into consideration as important as it has secondary environmental issues. The other factor to be considered is that there is no other energy more effective that has produced results as Petroleum even after several trials.

This make the CO2 issue trivial in comparison to the need of Petroleum in the world today. Another argument is that petroleum is a non renewable resource and there is a limited supply of it in the world when compared to the raising demand. Petroleum resources are naturally finite. Experts estimate that the supply will last for another ten years at the current consumption rate. When this happens it will be chaos in comparison to which the global warming would seem trivial. Reference List

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