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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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The Sixth Sense is about a young boy called Cole and he can physically see ghosts of dead people. Malcolm Crowe is a physiologist who was killed by an ex-pupil. Malcolm comes back as a ghost because he believes he has some unfinished business to do. Malcolm wants to help and save the new pupil (Cole) who has the same symptoms as the ex-pupil who killed him. Malcolm believes that if he can help Cole then in away he is helping the ex-pupil who was in complete distress.

In the film The Sixth Sense Malcolm Crowe is shot by an ex-patient because the ex-patient believes that Malcolm had failed to help accomplish their mental disturbance. After Malcolm is killed the director of the film moves the death scene a year on after the shooting and shows Malcolm sitting on a bench in a street. This already creates the imagery that Malcolm is still alive and survived the shooting. So the director has already tried to make the audience believe that Malcolm Crowe is still alive.

Malcolm Crowe Psychologist

Anna Crowe Malcolms wife

Cole Sear Malcolm patient

Lynn Sear Coles Mother

The first scene I am going to analyse is when Malcolm Crowe visits Cole at his house. At the beginning of this scene as it opens it appears to the audience that Malcolm and Lynn Sear are having a convocation because the chairs which they are sitting on are facing each other which tries to fool the audience that they are making eye contact and that they are talking. The fact that Lynn and has her feet up on the chair she is sitting in shows that she is very comfortable and looks very welcoming. Malcolm looks very polite and smart while he is sitting in the chair to show that he is very willing and it looks like he has dressed up for the occasions of having conversation with Coles mother. The way the director has set the camera angle in this section of the scene also creates a feeling that there is a interaction between the two people because the camera is fixed on them both and shows there whole bodies so the audience can view their body language and face expressions which helps the characters look like there communicating.

As Cole enters into the room both Malcolm and Lynn turn their heads towards Cole to show to the audience that they are both waiting for him to return and maybe to show that he has interrupted their conversation which now cant proceed. When Coles mother goes to talk to Cole the camera moves to Malcolm to show he is waiting in the chair and that he is not going to get involved into their conversation. Then Malcolm leans back into his chair and turns his face away from Cole and his mother, this shows the audience that he is giving them privacy and is being polite.

While Cole and his mother are having a conversation they are talking about there dreams which Lynns dreams are like every other ordinary persons like winning the lottery, but Coles dreams are what every kid should experience and he wishes other children would accept him. While this conversation is still going on the camera goes back to Malcolm and he smiles like he is listening to what Cole is talking about to make the audience believe that there was a reason why Malcolm didnt interrupt there conversation because he was analysing Cole.

Later on in the film Malcolm walks into an Italian restaurant where it appears his wife is waiting for him. The first sentence he says to his wife is I thought you went to the other Italian restaurant. After this his wife turns her head away from him to show the audience that she is annoyed but really she must have been looking at her bag.

When Malcolm sits down and says, Im so sorry Anne. Anne looks up and the camera moves round to behind her head to try and make out she is making eye contact with Malcolm. When Malcolm is apologising to his wife, Anne sips her tea and then clasps her hands and it appears she is listening what Malcolm is saying, at this point it still appears she is making eye contact with him. As Malcolm carrys on talking, Anne looks down to her wedding ring and starts playing with it. I believe this shows to the audience that Anne is getting annoyed with Malcolm and there marriage is on the line.

As the check for the meal is placed on the table Malcolm reaches out to pay for it but Anne quickly snatches the check to show that she is very angry and shows she can look after herself.

At the end of this scene Anne takes a deep breath like she is upset and a couple of seconds later she says happy anniversary. To the audience this makes them believe that Anne is very upset but what I think was really happing was that she was saying a prayer for Malcolm.

In this scene I did notice that there was a big clock in the background just above Malcolms head and I believe that the director had placed it there to make it look like to the audience that Anne was making eye contact with Malcolm but really she is looking at the time.

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