The Theory of Evolution vs. Creationism on Trial Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Evolution is defined by biologists as the process of change over time that characterizes the natural history of life on this planet. (Miller, K. Ch 5). The study of evolution in science classes were never discussed without Charles Darwins Theory of Evolution. The theory so far presented the most credible evidences and scientific measures to trace the history of mankinds features. Whether we accept it or not, Darwins theory was valid enough to be taught in science classes because its based purely on unbiased research and went through the most meticulous scientific procedures to prove it.

However, the theory still is a theory, due to missing links to conclude it. Since the theory of evolution, man was taught of how man came to be on earth. It taught that man, as the highest form of being in this planet, evolved from the simplest and lowest forms of life. The theory claims that man evolved from apes, and apes evolved from something simpler. The facts of the theory had been presented and studied by the world for centuries, and until now, the world has mixed reactions and took the theory based on their culture and beliefs. The Theory of Evolution vs.

Creationism on Trial They say that science and math were taught in order to make man think rationally and give the right reason and judgment. True enough, it made our world progress into where it is now. We enjoy the comfort of technology breakthroughs which improved our lives. We can preserve our food, build skyscrapers, explore space, cure the sick and utilize natural resources, thanks to science. Our world was able to go past through the era of witchcraft, magic, sorcery, myths and legends; everything now is solved through experimentation and tedious research.

I think it will be a nightmare if I was born in the past when cultural beliefs, influenced by religion, are the ways to solve mysteries. I believe in the teaching of science, and I can accept any truths verified through scientific procedures. The people, who led the school to add intelligent design theory and discredit the Darwin theory, were like the people who lived during the age of magic and legends. I understand these peoples devotion to their religion, because, I, myself, am religious too. It doesnt mean that Im an atheist just because I think man evolved from monkeys.

I respect the method of science to help explain our existence because science has come a long way. Personally, I think that God is there, and He is the invisible force that allows things to happen. If men evolved from monkeys, then God chose it to happen. I am quite skeptical though on the motive to write the Genesis version of creation. Isnt it true that there were studies now that claimed some books of the Bible were fabricated? Bible was written by man, and the most circulated version of the Bible was the King James Version.

King James may have ordered some books rewritten in order for people to credit him for his own advantage, who knows? But I still believe in the Bibles real intent: to provide a proper code of ethics for people to follow in order to make a peaceful nation. Like Lebo, I, too, am happy about the verdict of Judge Jones III, in order to set things straight in educating the students. Let us not spoil the efforts of scientists to improve our lives.


Intelligent Design on Trial. November 13, 2007. PBS. August 3, 2008. [http://www. pbs. org/wgbh/nova/id/program. html].

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