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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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The article Science Rocks! A Performance Assessment for Earth Science by Melia Waters and William Straits discusses the importance of multiple intelligences in regards of making a song. The students are required to pool their creativity and knowledge to present a rock song and the whole process is based of the Gardners theory of multiple intelligences. The article is very informative as the authors offer new views on promoting effective learning. Multiple intelligences are claimed to be highly motivating. Moreover, it appears to reinforce learning process and to make students better involved in classroom activities.

I have found that Gardners theory of multiple intelligence has become a well-known learning theory over the past decade. According the theory, all learning styles are built up of eight different intelligences. They are logical or mathematician, verbal or linguistic, visual or spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, body or kinesthetic, musical or rhythmical, and naturalistic. Therefore, I have learnt that style of every individual is composed of a combination of strong and weak intelligences, in which one should be the leading. For example, during the making song, students will refer to their music or rhythmic intelligence.

When facilitating learning in culturally diverse classroom, teachers should address various intelligences. Teaching in science challenges teachers to address verbal, musical, body and interpersonal intelligences because it is consistent with the National Science Education Standards recommendation. Elementary and middle school should be concentrated on students abilities to recognize different chemical properties of soils and rocks, and to understand changes to the Earths surface.

Actually, I agree with the authors that modern teachers should pay a great deal of time to developing the abovementioned concepts. When choosing play method of teaching, teachers should make students remember that it is still a school assignment, not simply a fun. Summing, up Gardners theory of multiple intelligences is very effective in elementary and middle school.


Waters, M., & Straits, W. (2008). Science Rocks! A Performance Assessment for Earth Science. Science Activities, 45, 1, pp.23-28.

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