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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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What is professionalism? There are many different forms of professionalism depending on whose opinion of professionalism it is. I will go with my opinion of professionalism. For the thirty years of my life I must say, I have learned a lot about my experiences in life. Ive learned from myself, I have learned from my friends, and I have learned from mere strangers. I have seen people succeed in their goals. I have seen people fail in their goals. Failing doesnt mean that you cant try again. I believe we learn from our mistakes or if you possibly can, learn from others before you commit the same mistake.

Well, I have come to a great conclusion. Professionalism plays a major, a very important role in succeeding in life despite of what goal you are trying to reach. To become a doctor there comes a need for a great amount of professionalism. To become a stockbroker, there is a need for people with nothing but a great mind and professionalism. Even to become a professional football player, despite of the great skills you may have to catch a 60 yard pass for a touchdown, there is still a great amount of professionalism expected from that professional wide receiver.

Professionalism comes in many different aspects. The first most important aspect of being professional is the mere first image that you present yourself with. I say professionalism starts with your dress code and hygiene. The first detail you will put out to a person meeting you the first thing is that of how you are dressed. You should be dressed up for the occasion you are presenting yourself for. In an interview for example, a man should be dressed with a dark suit with a plain matching tie and decent shoes, also with his hair groomed.

The second most important aspect of being professional is how you present yourself! Yes, you may be well groomed, with a perfect elegant suit but, if you do not have the perfect elegant professional attitude, the attire well, does not mean a thing. Professionalism plays a part in every characteristic of any person. So that being said, when being professional make sure you have the proper aura present. Make sure when you meet that important person that will decide your fate that you have a welcoming smile on your face.

Make sure you present enough eye contact that you seem very much interested in what that person is trying to offer you and at the same time, not too much eye contact that it may come across to the other person that you are being maybe too cocky. Greet that person with a firm but not too firm handshake. Make sure that interviewer knows that you are comfortable and also make him or her feel just as comfortable. That is a big plus. Although I emphasized that the first impression you make to anyone will determine to the other person on what level your professionalism is to them.

Do not forget that consistency is key to life. Yes, your first impression is big and will have a great impact on anyone. Anyone can have a great impression for one day. Can you do it on a daily basis? Can you maintain your characteristics of professionalism? Can you leave a great impression on people every day? This leads me to my third most important aspect of professionalism. Consistency! Although I put it at third most important does not mean that it is not as important as the first two. They play a role together as one.

Consistency is big on every part of your personality, characteristic, and statistically. Are you prepared to be dressed professional at all times despite of whatever affair you may have? Are you willing to dress to the occasion? Are you prepared to have a great attitude and personality at all times, despite of what personal issues you may have? Can you keep that smile on your face and a positive attitude? Are you able to keep your good grades at all times? Are you able to have a 100% attendance? Can you show me 100% effort every day?

Yes you have to have a great attitude and be dressed accordingly at all times but, can you do this 99. 9 percent of the time. This is what people look for in a professional. Someone they can rely on. There is one thing people tend to forget when talking about professionalism. Everyone has free personal time to enjoy their lively hood. There is no objecting to that. But do not forget that although you are on your own free personal time that there is not anyone watching you. As a famous musician once said, the streets is watching. There are always eyes on you if you are in a public place.

You cannot everyday go to work and display a personality of professionalism, then go out to a club and be the worst most obnoxious person ever. Well you can. But I bet you didnt see your assistant manager on the other side of that club watching you with astonishment! That one mistake may have cost you your whole chance of becoming the next person to being promoted in that company. That is why I say consistency is key. You cannot be professional in places where you think may only matter. Once you take a career that involves you being professional, you must always display that same amount of professionalism at all times.

When you are at work, when youre out at the park, when youre at the movies, at a bar, anywhere you go you must be professional at all times. This does not mean you cannot have fun. You can have fun and be professional. Just as long as you present yourself in a respectable fashion. I personally will display all these aspects to my experiences in my future for my externship. I have learned a lot about myself and my experiences. I must admit. Most times I have not lived in a professional manner. I am now seeing things in different light.

I am seeking the respect of a different group of people than in my past. I know that with all being said above. Without me living up to my knowledge and words I cannot succeed in my field of study so now it comes to that point that I will have to have a great output in my personality, my dress code, and I have to be consistent at all times. I have not been perfect, and I know no one is but I can only try! So after this report I will sit back and evaluate my little theory in professionalism and understand. I cant only talk about it. I will be about it!!!!!

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