To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment Essay

Published: 2019-12-14 06:20:48
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Functional Area 1: Safe

I check the classroom and playground every morning to make sure there are no harmful or hazardous materials. I discard any broken materials immediately. I unstack chairs before children enter the room. I complete and maintain my face to name document at all times. During transitioning, I count every child and update my face to name, recording every transition and checking that every child transitioned safely twice. I keep all cleaning products out of reach. I make sure that all plugs have covers and all electric cords are safe and secure. I encourage children to use safe behaviors at all times, explaining in simple language cause and effect natural consequences. I supervise children by both sight and sound at all times. I make sure that only one child at a time enters the restroom.

Functional Area 2: Healthy

I have the children wash their hands upon entering the classroom, before eating, and after using the restroom. Toys are sanitized twice daily. Children are assigned a cot and cot sheets are washed weekly. When sheets are removed the cot is sanitized. Childrens blankets are stored so that they do not touch each other. I sanitize tables before and after eating. Meals are served family style and I sit with the children encouraging them to eat healthy by both modeling healthy eating and using dialogue to engage in conversations that promote healthy eating.

Functional Area 3: Learning Environment

I create a developmentally appropriate learning environment that is well organized and intentional. Learning centers are well defined and there is a sufficient number of materials to accommodate the group size. I ensure that all activities are purposeful. I have a nice balance of child directed and teacher directed activities. An hour of uninterrupted free play is scheduled twice daily. I ask open ended questions and engage in meaningful conversations continuously. I create a warm nurturing relationship with each child in my classroom.

CS I A- Menu
The weekly menu is designed to offer the children three balanced meals and one snack daily. The menu limits sugar and does not contain any processed foods. A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are served daily. Milk and water are offered only. I believe good nutrition is the basis of childrens behaviors and that the menu provides a well-balanced healthy diet.

CS I B- Room Environment

I believe that the room arrangement allows for the children to flow freely and offers plenty of space to learn and explore. The learning centers are well defined. The children are able to move from center to center freely and stay in their chosen center for as long as time allows.

CS I C- Weekly Planning

I believe that children learn best through hands on learning experiences. My lesson plan promotes learning through play and includes challenging activities that promote development within the appropriate zone of proximal development. A variety of multisensory learning experiences are offered daily.

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