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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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The extract from Tony Blairs political speech on terrorism at the Labour Party conference was published on The Guardian on the 2nd of October 2001. The Guardian is a British Internet newspaper owned by the Guardian Media Group. The Guardian identifies with center-left liberalism and its readership supports typically left in British politics. Tony Blair served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007 and was the Labour Partys longest-serving Prime Minister. His and the Labour Partys political affiliation is socialistic.

After the millennium, 2001 was the year when there were subsided terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, which is the main reason for Tony Blairs speech. The speech responds to the audiences concerns and uncertainty about the future after 9/11. He starts by showing his respect towards the American people and the people who have been affected by the tragedy. He emphasizes that, however the Americans are different from the British people then in the face of tragedy or disaster then we all have a sense of solidarity for other nations.

He speaks about a personal experience in America, where he personally met the relatives of the victims and how helpless, yet hopeful, they are. He emphasizes that the victims were innocent and that thus the terrible incident, the U. S, Europe and British have created a stronger bond which will help them to move forward and that all nations are seeking to resolve these indifferences in a calm and greater way. He comforts his listeners by assuring them that they are in good non-violent hands. He speaks on behalf of the United Nations, emphasizing that in the future there will be changes and that they will have more contact with each other.

Speeches are written to be spoken in real time and the words are not meant to be read but to be heard. Therefore sounds, charisma and clear expression of key points are essential. Tony Blair has an attention grabbing opening and connection with the audience when he begins his speech. He uses references to the American people and appeals to pathos when he says: From this nation goes our deepest sympathy and prayers for the victims and our profound solidarity with the American people.

By using words such as: nation, deepest sympathy, prayers and victims and solidarity, it makes the audience automatically feel ympathy for the American people. He ends the introduction by using a scheme: We were with you at the first. We will stay with you to the last. which makes the speech sound better. He says that the British audience shouldnt be worried about the sudden change of events because Britain as a nation, now combined with the U. S and additional European countries, have equipped themselves to change.

He emphasizes the fact that their nation has more morality. Here he appeals to the peoples feelings (pathos) by arousing a sense of solidarity and sympathy. Within a few hours, up to 7000 people were annihilated(page 2, line 7) here is referred to the ethos appeal because he enlightens the audience to the large number of deaths in the accident. On page 2, line 18-20: Women are treated in a way almost too revolting to be credible. First driven out of university; girls not allowed to go to school; no legal rights; unable to go out of doors without a man. Those that disobey are stoned. He uses pathos by pointing out the small opportunities for females but mostly emphasizing the womans role in the undeveloped Islamic country.

On page 2, line 23-24: The biggest drugs hoard in the world is in Afghanistan, controlled by the Taliban. Ninety per cent of the heroin on British streets originates in Afghanistan. Here he appeals to logos by creating a factual point about the world situation. On page 2, line 44-45: If they could have murdered not 7,000 but 70,000, does anyone doubt they would have done so and rejoiced in it? Again he appeals to logos by highlighting figures and numbers to the audience in a neat and easily understood language.

It is very clear which key points he wants to emphasize and he makes them memorable by repetition tropes and scheme and different appeals. Throughout the entire speech, he mainly uses pathos, which the audience can relate to. And he uses pronouns such as: You, We, Our to create a bond to the audience. At the end of his speech on page 3, line 13-16; he uses an anaphora which is used to emphasize and repeat a point. There are 4 sentences that begin with the word today but the following sentences are different.

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