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Published: 2019-11-18 20:30:03
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Cost, quality and access are the top three healthcare priorities. And the main focus of healthcare reform is to lower the cost, improve the quality and access of the healthcare. On March 23 of 2010 President Obama signed into the law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This document cased many questions and divided the country into the supporters and non-supporters of this document. To the matter of fact, the survey of medical students was held to analyze their response and overall attitude toward the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. And that survey showed that 47.7% were unsure if the reform would improve the quality and access, while the rest of the respondents surveyed divided between 31.4% who agreed that Affordable Care Act will improve quality and cost, and 20.9% disagreed that this document will improve the current healthcare situation. However the need for healthcare reform in the United States was inevitable.

While the number of uninsured and underinsured continues to grow, and almost fifth of the countrys economic resources are spent on the healthcare, the outcomes of healthcare are getting worst compared to the countries that spend half less per person on the healthcare, according to the Commonwealth Fund annual report (2011). Now the health care reform can redirect these trends and place the country on the way to successful health system that will provide high quality with affordable cost and better access. The Commonwealth Fund is a private foundation that promotes a high performance health care system providing better access, improved quality, and greater efficiency. The Funds work focuses particularly on societys most vulnerable, including low-income people, the uninsured, minority Americans, young children, and elderly adults. The Fund carries out this mandate by supporting independent research on health care issues and making grants to improve health care practice and policy.

An international program in health policy is designed to stimulate innovative policies and practices in the United States and other industrialized countries (Commonwealth Fund Annual Report, 2011). So according to the Commonwealth Fund annual report, for the last year the fund focused their work on three main priorities: help American people to better understand the Affordable Act and what it means for them; support in applying and assessing of its ideas to move our country in the right direction; making the foundation for the future healthcare delivery system change and policy action. For instance, the Affordable Care Act allow young adults between ages of 19-25 stay under their parents insurance, that benefits almost 2.5 million of young Americans (Commonwealth Fund Annual Report, 2011).

According to the press release of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services, thanks to the Affordable Care Act seniors save more than $1.2 billion on prescriptions, more than 22.6 million people with Medicare received free preventive services this year (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services, 2011). Obviously, the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act is a historical document that promises the nation to make the healthcare more affordable with better quality and access. The Affordable Care Act provides a health security for different groups of our society such as seniors and young adults. However, it is only the beginning and the Act should be fully implemented by 2014, when almost 27 millions of women will gain access to the affordable health insurance coverage (Commonwealth Fund Annual Report, 2011). Although, there are many obstacles that will need to be overcome before the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, but this is a new era in the history of American Health Care that will improve life of the nation.

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