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Published: 2019-10-10 12:35:50
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The mission theme of Toyota Motors Japan is Innovation into the Future A Passion to Create a Better Society.  Launched and announced in 2004, this mission theme is the main influence for all of the programs of Toyota Motors Japan.  It basically follows four (4) basic guidelines which the company follows in order to achieve its goals in being able to create a more prosperous society.  These four (4) basic principles are as follows:

These goals are the overriding objectives of Toyota Motors Japan and figure prominently in the formulation and implementation of its corporate strategies and plans.  Toyota Motors adheres to the principle of Monozukuri, which emphasizes the manufacturing of value-added products and technological innovation.  The company believes that while Japanese cars have been associated with low costs and quality it can change all of this by offering better quality for relatively the same price.  It also emphasizes the shifting trend into more environmentally friendly vehicles in line with the Tokyo Protocol.

These implementing guidelines for the mission statement of Toyota Motors Japan, which help them maintain their focus on their goals, are the following:

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