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Trade Ivoireâ„¢
Designed to promote a dynamic exchange of trade and investment opportunities¦

Trade Ivoire is an Internet-based Ivorian Trade & Investment Promotion Service that presents an effective online information exchange of trade and investment opportunities through its online platform.

Our network and services connect people and investment companies to reach their financial objectives. Trade Ivoire works for:

¢ Entrepreneurs
¢ Angel Investors
¢ Venture Capitalists
¢ Investors from the United States and Cote dIvoire
¢ Policy Makers

We leverage an extensive network of investors by linking entrepreneurs and investors via our high tech online portals. Trade Ivoire uses an innovative process of developing business relations to foster confidence and mutual trust in our clients.

Investors + Entrepreneurs = Business Partnership

Goal of Trade Ivoire”
To raise the standard of living in every region of the Western African country of C´te dIvoire by providing sustainable economic programs.

2. Economic Overview Page (edited)
Located in the heart of West Africa, C´te dIvoire is rich with tropical rain forest vegetation”ideal for agricultural crop-based industries and natural resource-based industries such as mining, gas exploration and eco-tourism.
Countries that border C´te dIvoire are Liberia and Guinea to the west; Mali and Burkina Faso to the north; Ghana to the east. The Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean are located to the south.
C´te dIvoire Fast facts”
¢ Officially the Republic of C´te dIvoire
¢ Gained independence from France in August 1960
¢ Equals 325,000 square kilometers
¢ 18 million population
¢ Ivorian economy is 3rd largest in sub-Saharan Africa
Record Growth
During its first 25 years of independence, C´te dIvoire enjoyed 7% annual economic growth. This success was credited to exports of major agricultural and forestry products:
¢ Cocoa
¢ Coffee
¢ Timber, and
¢ Direct foreign investments
25 years of sustained growth propelled C´te dIvoire to its position as one of the most prosperous countries in tropical Africa.

Diversify for Stability

The government of C´te dIvoire continually seeks to diversify the economy from its historical reliance on cash crop exports. Emphasis on only these exports makes the economy vulnerable to weather conditions and price fluctuations in world markets.

C´te dIvoires economy significantly grew in the early 1990s. Why? Growth was due largely to the 50% devaluation of the CFA Franc and price increases for cocoa and coffee. C´te dIvoire experienced growth in its non-traditional primary exports such as palm oil, cotton, sugar cane and rubber. The country also increased external trade and banking liberalization, offshore oil and gas discoveries, and generous external finance and debt rescheduling by multilateral lenders.

National Development Strategy

To rekindle the declining economy of the 1980s a C´te dIvoire developed a National Strategy that targeted”
1. the modernization and diversification of agriculture
2. the expansion of exports
3. investment in infrastructure, and
4. exploration and extraction of mineral and energy resources
Thanks to its favorable trade balance, C´te dIvoire now holds 45% of the insurance market within sub-Saharan French-speaking countries and supports 40% of the West African regional free-trade zone.
Investor Friendly Country

C´te dIvoire is positioned as one of the most dynamic and investor-friendly countries in Africa because of the sweet crude oil discovery and existing exploration of natural gas reserves for exports to the United States and other countries.

3. Investment Opportunity Page (edited)

Trade Ivoireâ„¢ has created the largest database of U.S. investors and African businesses that are currently searching for investment opportunities.

Attention Investors”Bringing Africa to You

With the Trade Ivoire data base and investor matching service, investment opportunities can be efficiently matched to your financial portfolio. Trade Ivoire allows you to scrutinize business proposals without direct contact to entrepreneurs. Investments may be searched by region or by specific proposal, depending on your personal goals and objectives.

When youve found a potential opportunity, we will arrange for meetings with policy and decision makers, stakeholders and other key people located in the regions and countries we serve. Our service allows you to meet your potential clients face-to-face through a video conferencing platform without leaving your office. Reliable technology brings you to Africa without travel.

Quality Investments

We have created a service that allows you to search for pre-qualified investment opportunities and access the latest business proposals ranging start up ventures to well-established growth companies.

You will find:
¢ Database of business proposals from all brands of entrepreneurs”such as micro-enterprises to capital-intensive infrastructure development projects
¢ Investments from seed capital for cutting edge start-ups to growth capital investments for established businesses
¢ Opportunities in Africa are unlimited with the twenty-six stock markets performing very well

Submit your Investor Profile to receive exposure to the Trade Ivoire network of entrepreneurs and national leaders.

Attention Entrepreneurs

Attracting investors can be a daunting and overwhelming task for any entrepreneur. Selling your ideas through cold calling, sifting through business directories and submitting proposals to random investors via through Internet or other modes can prove to be a waste of precious time.

Trade Ivoire streamlines the process of that investor by reducing or eliminating search time and matching you with a serious investor. By registering your business proposal, you will be one step closer to finding the perfect match to make your dream as an entrepreneur become a reality. Trade Ivoire allows you to look for investors in your particular area/region and narrow down your search to those who are interested in your industry and have the financial resources for your success.

Whether you need an angel investor or would like a venture capital firm to finance your business, Trade Ivoire will help you find right investor. Submit your business proposal and get exposure with our network of investors and venture capitalists. Register now and become a member while growing your business!

4. Program Schedule Page (introductory content)

U.S. Investors”Upcoming Programs / Events

Attend one of the exciting Trade Ivoire upcoming programs to gain valuable, detailed information about investment opportunities in C´te dIvoire Africa. Events will be October [dates] at the [Washington D.C. place], November [dates] at [Baltimore place] and December [dates] at [Philadelphia place].

These programs will give potential investors a chance to learn about the Ivorian story as well as meet economic leaders of C´te dIvoire.

Specific topics”

October 2008:
Launching of Trade Ivoire-Washington DC
¢ 30-minute interview with Ivorian Ambassador and/or Minister of State covering topics central to promoting Ivorian culture, politics, economic development programs, investment opportunities, and tourism
¢ Investment Breakfast, at the Embassy of C´te dIvoire
¢ The Cocoa Story”introducing farmers trust fund committed to raising funds for social development in cocoa farming communities by promoting dark chocolate

November 2008:
¢ Investment BreakfastBaltimore City
¢ The Cocoa Story
¢ B2B Networking

December 2008:
¢ Investment Breakfast”Philadelphia City
¢ The Cocoa Story
¢ B2B Networking

5. About Us Page (written /edited)

About Us

Trade Ivoire is an internet-based Ivorian Trade & Investment Promotion Service dedicated to raising the standard of living in all regions of the West African country of Cote dIvoire through sustainable economic programs.

Our Mission

Trade Ivoire is committed to Promoting a dynamic exchange of trade and investment opportunities across the Atlantic via our online platform in order to increase investor relationships with African entrepreneurs.


The Trade Ivoire objective is to provide an effective platform for Ivoirian industry, businesses and governments. This is accomplished using the exchange of ideas, technologies, and promotion of human potential and natural resources via trade and investment promotions. Trade Ivoire uses available expertise and technologies for mutually beneficial economic and social development.

Distribution & Marketing Strategy

Trade Ivoireâ„¢ adapts a multi-prong approach in its marketing efforts by utilizing the following:

¢ Media channels to promote our clients
¢ City Chambers of Commerce
¢ Cities Office of International Business
¢ Counties Chambers of Commerce
¢ State Chambers of Commerce
¢ National Coalition of 100 Black Women
¢ National Conference of Black Mayors
¢ Universities & Colleges
¢ Online channelsYou-Tube, AOL, MySpace, Facebook, Flixir, LinkedIn
¢ Affiliate Social Networks and Organization
¢ Selected Local Media in selected cities and counties
¢ Frontline”Public Broadcasting System
¢ Discovery Channels
¢ African Hometown associations
¢ Distribute information in respective countries of investors and entrepreneurs

6. Membership Registration Page (Edited Content)

[Registration Form Online remains]

Investors & Entrepreneurs Join Now!

Consultants and partners are committed to promoting economic development between the United States and Cote dIvoire. By joining the Investment Forum & Exhibition Cote dIvoire (IFEX-CI) your participation is vital to ensure our efforts are best directed to your business, first, and to the benefit of the entire network.

We are continually seeking ways to bring to the attention of private sector investors and business leaders together. We focus on key economic issues and investment opportunities that promote growth and development.

Membership Benefits

¢ Gain global exposure through the Trade Ivoireâ„¢ platform of investors and entrepreneurs
¢ Participate in Trade Ivoireâ„¢ events
¢ Receive discounted advertising within partnership network and on our websites;
¢ Promote business and programs throughout wide-range marketing channels;
¢ Receive discounted business and professional services from fellow members;
¢ FREE passes to selected Trade Ivoireâ„¢ sponsored events;
¢ Participate in goodwill and trade missions to U.S. and West Africa.

Member Services” Networking for IFEX-CI Businesses

¢ The IFEX-CI will provide members with insider track to preferential procurement for U.S. and African-owned businesses seeking to work with the Government of Cote dIvoire and the private sectors
¢ Vibrant Events, Forums, and Exhibition Programs
¢ Intensive schedule of business networking events including: regular networking events, subsidized exhibition space, and specialized insiders meeting with key decision makers
¢ Information Services for members providing a range of additional information to include: database services, video conferencing connecting members across the continent, business support services, essential events calendar, regular news updates, and priority notification of forthcoming IFEX-CI events

Providing Visibility for Your Business

In addition to our promotion of the business network, members benefits include:

¢ Inclusion in the IFEX-CI Business Network Directory
¢ Discounted advertising within the network and on our website,
¢ Discounted business and professional services from fellow members,
¢ FREE passes to selected IFEX-CI sponsored events
¢ Participation in trade missions to Cote dIvoire or West Africa.

7. Corporate Sponsorship Page (Introductory Content)

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities @ Trade Ivoireâ„¢ Events

Gain high visibility during upcoming Trade Ivoireâ„¢ events in Washington D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia. Four levels of sponsorship available NOW for exposure to this key International Forum of investors and entrepreneurs. Reserve your space now!

8. Contact Us Page (Edited)


Reach thousands of businesses throughout the United States and Africa through Trade Ivoire online advertising.

Descriptions and Advertising Rates for the Cote dIvoire Website:

Presented at the homepage on the left side of the Flash Video
Static or mild flash implementation with refresh rotations available

CPM** impression campaigns of 1,000,000 available with monthly contract
CPM impressions campaigns 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds

Cost: $150 per month 15 sec
Cost: $300 per moth 30 sec
Cost: $450 per month 45 sec

LEFT BAR WIDE TOWER (160 x 600 PX Graphical Tower Ad)
Located above the scroll on the top right of 99% of the most visited web pages
Static or mild flash implementation with refresh rotations available
CPM impression campaigns of 1,000,000 are available with monthly contract

Cost: $80 per month

RIGHT BAR WIDE TOWER (160 x 600 Graphical Tower Ad)
Located above the scroll on the top right of 99% of the most visited web pages
Static or mild flash implementation with refresh rotations available
CPM impression campaigns are available with monthly contract

Cost: $80 per month

Located anywhere inside the page of most read page of site;
Static or mild flash implementation with refresh rotations available
CPM impression campaigns are available with monthly contract

Cost: $100 per moth

** Note: Web advertising research has shown that text-based CPM ads often receive more attention that traditional banner ads. In fact, the average view time for a text based ad averages 7 seconds, while a graphic-type ad only averages 1.6 seconds. Text CPM ads are now popular and a viable alternative to cost-per-click or CPC-based advertising.

For more information contact:

TITUS Holdings, LLC
104 Park Ave. Suite 302
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Cell: 1-202-446-3342
Office: 1-240-235-1973

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