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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Defiantly there is heritage for each nation in the world, which was inherited through generations year after year. Hence, UAE is popular of its own traditions which generally distinguish it from other nations. In fact, Emiratis across the country and around the world are proud of and value their heritage even today, and make their effort to maintain their traditions even in the face of tremendous change and the rapid development of recent decades. For your information:

Creativity and innovation through traditional games
Despite the simple life before years ago, an Emirati child invented what a modern child just cannot think of these days. In fact, children in the past were creative enough so they could take the advantage of palm trees, seashells and pebbles to make up there games.

Games for boys:
Hbeel Elzbeel Game:
This is one of the popular games in the gulf, and the word (Hbeel) means Rope which is the tool that was used in the game. The benefit: learning how to be Patient and staying in power. Number of players: (10-15).

How to play it: players must throw their (Ghutar) which means head covers on the ground. Then they choose a boy who will act like the defender of these head covers, and he will consider a loser if all of the players took their head covers. Khbz Regag:

This is a very simple and popular boys game. Usually boys would play this game in summer whether at the home yard or outdoors near from the beaches. The benefit: to have a strong body.
Number of players: (10-15).
How to play it: after the draw takes place, the selected boy will bend his back and place his hands on his knees, while others will line up and start jumping over his back one by one. However, jumpers cannot touch the boys body and if any of them made that mistake he will be positioned as the stooping boy. El Arbana Game:

The benefit: learning how to be fast and competitive.
Number of players: (5-10).
How to play it: the tool which is used in this game is called Arbana. Basically, it is made of on Wheel (from the 3 wheels bicycles) and a long hand which is fitted in the hall.

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