Transcendentalism In Cast Away Essay

Published: 2020-02-21 12:22:39
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In the film Cast Away the main character Chuck Noland begins as being with being obsessed with working and time and is definitely not a transcendental person. Chuck Noland works as an employee of FedEx and he travels very frequently as part of his job. While traveling, his plane crashes somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and he washes ashore on an island in the middle of nowhere. At first he tries to fight nature and gets very angry and frustrated because he is having trouble trying to survive, you see this after he continuously fails at hunting and hurts himself while trying to making a fire.

As he continues to spend more time on island you see that he starts to change and becomes accepting of nature and self-reliable so that he can survive. This film ties in two of the most common transcendental tenents of nature and self-reliance. Without tying in these two concepts Noland would have likely not survived on the island. After four years on the island you see that Noland is now an experienced hunter, can easily make a fire, expects natures tendencies and know how unpredictable nature can be so he prepares for the worst.

At this point Chuck Noland is one nature and he begins to plan his escape from the island. He builds a raft and later leaves the island with it, while at sea he is rescued by a cargo ship and taken back to the home. When he gets back home he is a different person, he is a transcendental man with new objectives and ideals.

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