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Two flights from Belfast to Paris (Charles De Gaulle) Flying with Easyjet Belfast Intl to Paris Charles de Gaulle flight 6723; Private taxi transfer from airport to hotel. This fabulous hotel is in the Saint Germain region which is close to the Latin Quarter. Whisky Bar, Small garden, Terrace.  A select and refined atmosphere in the great tradition of the Englishs clubs.

The austere Haussmannian fai??ade gives way inside to a warm universe where the copper reflections of the bar mingle with the lustre of fine wood panelling and the rich leather of Chesterfield armchairs. An ideal ambiance for intimate conversations. Here as in each of the rooms, every detail contributes to provide a sense of relaxation and well-being. The colonial-inspired decor of the 59 rooms and suites, including exotic hangings and wood paneling, varies depending on the floor The rooms feature parquet floors and provide exceptional comfort and calm. An elegant footbridge connects a winter garden with a terrace perfect for beautiful days.

On the top floor, you can admire the Pantheon under the glass roof. During the evening, the Bridge Bar offers you a wide selection of cocktails and cigars in a refined atmosphere. In the Latin Quarter, the Left Banks spirit of social protest still abounds. Here, students continue to redefine the world in the classrooms of the Sorbonne, in the streets, in the bistrots, and in the intellectual fare offered in the many bookshops. Up the hill, the Pantheon holds the remains of their prestigious ancestors (Dumas, Balzac, Hugo¦ ). Ten minutes by foot, the Pantheon or Notre-Dame de Paris are readily accessible.

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