Trees Are Not The Answer To Climate Change Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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In Trees Are Not The Answer To Climate Change, the Environmental News Network notes that the results of a 20-year analysis of data from 30 monitoring stations located in northern regions ranging from Canada to Europe, Alaska to Siberia indicate that the ability of trees to absorb carbon dioxide is being hindered by global warming. This has become most evident in the altered climatological cycles which have resulted in later winters and earlier springs. Additionally, prolonged autumnal periods have plants producing more carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and respiration.

            The most damning implication of this report is that humans must, in the words of the ENN report itself, stop passing the buck with regards to anthropogenic carbon dioxide. It is far too often that proposals addressing environmental concerns seem to fall upon gestures that have nothing to do with the bright green future. Planting trees or shopping for organic fruit are merely token acts that dont attempt to connect environmentally awareness with ideas of sustainablity. Simply put, a lone forest cannot account for the enormous planetary footprint that our economic system is built to trail.

            This is not just a matter of faulting capitalist systems, but a matter of sound science. Sustainable development and remedying climate change is not just fixing the damage, but eliminating behavior that causes the damage in the first place, limited not solely to radical renounciations of industrialism and material culture but rather, open to our existing way of life, albeit a drastically green-engineered one which replaces fossil fuel automobiles with hybrid technologies, materially wasteful suburbs with densely refitted urban settlements.

            A more benevolent stewardship of the planet lies not just in purgative lifestyle choices, guilt-fueled sentimentality towards the non-human biosphere or an outright repudiation of the status quo, but in retrofitting the present, rather than using conservation to cover our consumption and making trees clean up the mess weve made.


Environmental News Network. (2008, January 3). Trees Are Not The Answer To Climate Change.             Retrieved March 13, 2008 from:

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