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Published: 2020-02-22 06:00:13
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In general, games played at home provide a wholesome activity for the entire family. Many people find that the time spent playing games at home contributes to feelings of closeness among family members, thus giving them time to relax together and promote familial ties. Three types of games played at home that have remained popular over the years are card games, board games, and outdoor or backyard games. Firstly, there are card games which have remained popular in many homes.

Bridge, canasta, rummy and whist are only a few of the hundreds of games that can be played with an ordinary deck of cards. The popular movie star Omar Sharif has given bridge popular advertisement in his latest book and on nationally syndicated talk shows. This positive endorsement of the game has brought attention to the fever pitch. Canasta and rummy have always been considered staples of the card-playing crowd, particularly in the northern climates where people are indoors during the winter months.

These card games provide a healthy way to spend leisure time together, and the popularity of these games has not diminished over the years. Board games have also been very popular with the typical Canadian family. Monopoly, Clue, Chinese checkers, checkers, chess, and newer games like Trivial Pursuit are but a few of the board games currently on the market. Clue has been so successful as a board game that it has been made into a video game. Then there is the Monopoly which is the true Canadian standard board game. What family does not have one somewhere in a drawer or closet?

Its premise lies at the heart of every Canadian ” to become successful and earn enough money to be happy. It is the ultimate success game. Another board game is Trivial Pursuit. It is a newcomer to the board game market and has become very popular with the young urban professionals who play it at parties and weekend get-togethers. There have even been spin-offs of the trivia game like Bible Trivia, Movie Trivia, and the like. Yes, board games certainly have always been popular in Canada, and it appears that this style of home entertainment is still a family favorite.

Beside card and board games, outdoor or backyard games lastly round out the list of home games that have remained popular over the years. Touch football and baseball or softball are played in almost every vacant lot or large backyard in the country. Most homes inhabited by children have a basketball hoop somewhere on the premises. These games not only appeal to family togetherness, but also appeal to those who are concerned about physical well-being since these physical activities promote the concept of fitness.

In conclusion, card games, board games and outdoor games are always the popular games played at home. These games promote healthy competition among friends and family members, provide a healthy release of frustrations, and aid in understanding sportsmanship. Many younger players learn to winand losegraciously while older players are reminded that how the game is played is the most important thing to consider. Home entertainment has remained popular for many years, and it appears that games that can be played at home will continue to remain popular for a long time to come.

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