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He is very stern with Mickey and very lenient with Edward: And er, as I say, it was more of a prank really, Mr. Lyons. Id dock his pocket money if I was you (laughs). But. one thing I would say, if y dont mind me saying, is well, Im not sure Id let him mix with the like of them in the future. Mr. Lyons even gives the policeman a glass of scotch so he feels at home. This a prime example of the class divide in Liverpool. As the Lyons family are moving further into the countryside, Mrs Lyons sees a magpie on its own: Dont mummy, dont look. Its a magpie, never look at one magpie. Its one for sorrow.

The reply from Mrs Lyons is: Edward ¦. thats just stupid superstition The Lyons family think they have broken away from the Johnstone family for good and they are all glad (apart from Edward). They were wrong. Soon after the Lyons family move away, the Johnstone family get re-housed to the same area. Is this a coincidence or was it due to the magpie and superstition? The next time we see Mickey and Edward is when they are fourteen (another gap of seven years). While Mickey is getting told off at his secondary modern school for not answering a question, Edward is getting told off for wearing a locket at his very expensive boarding school.

(The locket contains a picture of Mrs Johnstone and a picture of Mickey; or is it Edward himself? ). This shows that although they go to different schools in different classes, (working class and middle class) they are still the same at heart. We next see Linda, Eddie and Mickey at the age of eighteen. Mickey has found a job and Edward is preparing to go to college. Mickey thinks he is lucky to get any type of job, even if it is making cardboard boxes but Edward is doing the sensible thing and setting the foundation for his future. This shows the class divide again.

Mickey knows that although his job isnt good, if he complains, they can just get someone else from a long line of candidates to fill his boots. Edward, on the other hand, will have a change to get a good job after university with his qualifications. His father could possibly pull a few strings and find him a good job but that isnt the case for Mickey. Whilst Edward is at university, Linda gets pregnant and she and Mickey get married. Edward is upset because he has always loved Linda and although he knew going to university was the right choice, he has missed out on getting together with Linda.

Mickey needs to earn some more money so Sammy suggests he helps him with a raid: Fifty quid Mickey. Fifty quid for an hours work! Just think where y could take Linda if you had cash like that The raid goes horribly wrong and Sammy ends up shooting someone with the shotgun he kept under the floorboards. Mickey got sent to prison for seven years and had to take anti-depressant pills which he eventually got addicted to. During this breakdown of Mickeys life, Edward finishes university and gets a steady job as a councillor.

Imagine how two twins raised in different backgrounds could have such different lives. When Linda meets up with Edward, Linda realises she made the wrong choice going with Mickey and decided to spend more time with Edward. Mickey takes this the wrong way and he thinks Linda is having an affair with his Blood Brother. Mickey even thinks Edward is the father of their child. Eventually, the pills take their toll and Mickey has seemingly gone mad. He takes the gun from under the floorboards and he runs to the town hall where Edward is addressing his colleagues.

But when Mickey gets to the town hall, he has second thoughts: What am I doin here Eddie? I thought I was gonna shoot y, but I cant even do that. I dont even know if the things loaded Mrs Johnstone then runs up to the pair of them, along with lots of policemen and marksmen. She breaks the news that they are brothers and Mickey if furious with the news: You!. Why didnt you give me away! I could have been ¦. I could have been him! At that moment, Mickey waves the gun at Edward and the gun goes off, blowing Edward to pieces. The gun was loaded after all.

Seeing this, the police marksmen in turn shoot Mickey to death. Mrs Lyons was right, they both died almost immediately they found out they were brothers. Was the death of the twins due to class or superstition? I think it was due to class. If they were brought up in the same family, none of this would have happened but as they were brought up in different classes, they both envied each other. Mickey was streetwise and a bit of a lad but struggled to get through life, whereas Edward had had an easy life but he had to learn the ways of life through books and TV, not from his under-qualified parents.

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