Uglies: American Films and Pretty Town Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Uglies is about a place that separated two towns called Uglyville and Pretty Town. People who are ugly lived in Uglyville and people who were pretty lived in Pretty Town. A girl named Tally Youngblood had been waiting all her life to turn 16 because that is the age where she is able to turn pretty. To become pretty you have to go through plastic surgery and they will fix up everything to make you picture perfect. When you have become a pretty, your whole lifestyle changes. You live with no regrets, you party every night, you are always happy, and you dont really remember the days when you were ugly. Tally Youngblood wanted to live that life.

One day she met a girl named Shay, they met each other hiding behind bushes in Pretty Town because they both tried to see their old friend that have turned pretty. It was forbidden for Uglies to be in Pretty Town, but Tally knew the bridge that connected the two towns so it would not tattle on her. Shay had de-bugged a hoverboard so Special Circumstanced could not track the hoverboard. Both girls loved adventures and they become best friends since that day. They both shared the same birthday and Tally was excited that she could turn pretty at the same time as a friend, but Shay had other plans. Shay told Tally about how there is a whole different world outside these towns and she was going to run away before she turned 16. Tally thought she was lying so Shay taught her how to use a hoverboard and they went outside the town.

Shay mentioned to Tally that there are people that live outside these towns because she met someone who lived in a place called the Smokes. The people who live there are all run-away Uglies. Shay wants Tally to run away with her, but Tally wants to stay back and become pretty.

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