Understand How to Set Up a Home Based Child Care Service Task Essay

Published: 2019-11-30 10:42:58
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Understand how to set up a home based child care service 1. Outline the current legislation covering the home based childcare, and the role of regulatory bodies. Current Legislation There are many different Legislation being brought out in place to help maintain and improve services, for example; Every Child Matters In 2003, the Government made a new legislation called Every Child Matters. This was published due to a report into the death of Victoria Climbie. There was a wide discussion between people working in childrens services, with parents, children and young people.

Following the discussion, the Government published Every Child Matters: the Next Steps and passed the Children Act 2004, providing the legislative spine for developing more effective and accessible services focused around the needs of children, young people and families. Every Child Matters: Change for Children was published in November 2004. This is a new approach to the well-being of children and young people from birth to age 19. The Governments aim is for every child, whatever their background or their circumstances, to have the support they need to: ¢ Be healthy Stay safe ¢ Enjoy and achieve ¢ Make a positive contribution ¢ Achieve economic well-being Meaning that every organisation involved in providing services to children, from hospitals, schools, the police and voluntary groups. Where they will be teaming up in new ways, sharing information and working together, to protect children and young people from harm and help them achieve what they want in life. Childcare Act 2006 The Childcare Act, passed into law on 11 July 2006, is pioneering legislation the first ever exclusively concerned with Early Years and childcare.

The Act will help transform childcare and Early Years services in England for generations to come, taking forward some of the key commitments from The Ten Year Strategy published in December 2004. Measures in the Act formalise the important strategic role Local Authorities play through a set of new duties. These duties will require authorities to: ¢ Improve the five Every Child Matters (ECM) outcomes for all pre-school children and reduce inequalities in these outcomes ¢ Secure sufficient childcare for working parents provide a better parental information service The Act also reforms and simplifies Early Years regulation and inspection arrangements providing for a new integrated education and care quality framework (for pre-school children) and the new Ofsted Childcare Register. The sufficiency, information and outcomes duties came into effect from 1 April 2008 and the remaining provisions from September 2008. Other legislation is; Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), The Play Strategy, The Charter for Childrens Play, Childrens Centres, Extended Services and Childrens Trusts.

Ofsted Ofsted is the office for standards in Education, childrens services and skills. They make sure that people achieve excellence in care for adults, children and young people. Ofsted inspect the following services: ¢ Maintained schools and academies ¢ Some independent schools ¢ Early years and childcare ¢ Childrens centres; childrens homes ¢ Family centres ¢ Adoption and fostering services and agencies ¢ CAFCASS ¢ Childrens services in local authorities ¢ Initial teacher training ¢ Further education colleges and 14 to 19 provision A wide range of work-based learning and skills training ¢ Adult and community learning ¢ Probation services ¢ Education and training in prisons and other secure establishments. Ofsted assess children services in local areas and inspect services for looked after children, safeguarding and child protection. Ofsteds job is to check places that adults, young people and children are looked after and the people who look after adults, children and young people. They check to see if people are doing a good job in looking after, if they are not they try to help them get better.

Ofsted inspect children services e. g. childminders, schools, nurserys, adult learning and skills centres etc. to see if the standard of care for adults, children and young people, after their inspections they carry out a report of what they have found, where you will receive a grade (Grade 1 Outstand, Grade 2 Good, Grade 3 Requires Improvement and Grade 4 Inadequate) depending on your grade some inspectors will have to revisit you for a second report where you must improve your grade to stay open or in business.

Ofsteds job is to make sure that all adults, children and young people who are being cared for are safe, being looked after properly, to improve childrens services, to make sure childrens services focus on the interests of the children and young people, parents, adult learners and employers who use them and also to see that the services for children are efficient and effective. Ofsteds Strategic Plan 2011-2015 sets out how they will try to fulfil their responsibilities to inspect and regulate services for children, young people and learners. The plan sets out how they will achieve four priorities: Better outcomes Driving improvement for children and learners of all ages ¢ Better inspection and regulation Improving the way we work in order to provide sharper accountability that focuses on underperformance and drives fairness for those using services ¢ Better public involvement Ensuring that peoples views and experiences inform how and when we inspect and regulate; and empowering people with the information they need to make choices and hold services to account ¢ Better ways of working Using our resources responsibly in effective, efficient and sustainable ways that focus on the front line.

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