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Published: 2019-11-23 14:30:33
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1.1 A working relationship is different from a personal relationship by : Working relationship building a relationship on a professional manner, which involves working within a team, working to achieve a goal/task and working within set standards/guidelines. This also refers to working with an individual to ensure they receive care in a respected, dignified manner. Personal relationship building a relationship with friends and family in a social environment. To which you can share personal information and experiences and establish an emotional connection with others.

1.2 There are several different working relationships they are:

Care worker to care worker
Care worker to nurses
Care worker to manager
Nurses to advocates
All staff to relatives

All of these relationships enable each individual to receive a high quality of care and receive any needs required, all of these different relationships are required for effective team work and good communication. 2.1 It is important to adhere to the agree scope of the job role as this refers to your contract and your defined roles and responsibilities your expected to fulfil. It sets out your legal responsibility, and demonstrates a clear understanding of what your expectations are from your employer.

2.2 Agreed ways of working refers to policies and procedures that are set out from your employer and how they expect you to abide by them.

2.3 The importance of full and up to date agreed ways of working starts with your induction, job description and policies and procedures. It is important to keep up to date with these as it allows you as an individual to know what is expected of yourself on a daily basis, this also informs you of any changes to policies and procedures that affect you job role and aids to give you a clear understanding of them. If there was no agreed ways of working in place then your job role would become difficult as you would not be aware to what was expected of you and what policies and procures to adhere to.

3.1 It is important to work in partnership with others to ensure the individual gets the highest quality of care. Working with others refers to nurses, doctors and any other advocates the individual requires. There are several occasions on where you will require an additional carer to complete care for certain individuals this can be for moving and handling purposes.

3.2 Ways of working that can improve partnership working are:
Attending training session
Be aware of your expectations
Aware of your own areas of weakness
Good communication
Giving honest, unbiased opinions and information
3.3 The skills and approach needed for resolving conflicts are:
Remaining calm
Having a good knowledge of verbal and non-verbal communication
Controlling emotions
Avoid threatening behaviour
Being aware of others body language
Respecting differences
Active listening
Aware of gestures
Clear communication

3.4 You can access support and advice about partnership working and resolving conflicts from your senior, manager or other social care bodies. Their experience can offer guidance and advice on the situation and suggest steps to which you can carry out yourself to resolve the situation, if you have already carried out these measures then speaking to your senior about concerns you have they can address them.

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